​Electric Scooter Reviews and Advice

Electric Scooter Advice & Tips

Taking public transportation can be expensive, and carpooling isn’t always a possibility. Electric scooters can be an excellent solution in this situation. They are affordable and easy to use and store. Anyone can learn how to use one.

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Electric Scooter Reviews

If you want to rely on an electric scooter to get you to work every day, it must be the right size for you, and you must be able to rely on the quality of its build. Let’s determine the best electric scooter for commuting.

Why is an Electric Scooter interesting ?

You can buy a ​E ​Scooter to replace a walk:

​Do the math: an adult walks at an average speed of ​3 mph while with an electric scooter, you can go up to ​15 mph or 5 times faster. You can divide your journey time by 5.
By electric scooter you are allowed to ​ride on sidewalks​.

​You can also replace a trip by metro, bus, car or scooter:

​Despite an initial investment that can be significant (up to more than $1000 for the best electric scooter models), you can avoid paying a ​travel card or fuel costs of a car. Over several months, the calculation can be profitable, ​because you use ​your electric scooter in all weather and temperatures.
Do not hesitate to compare taking into account the hidden costs (parking, insurance, maintenance ...)
You can ​free yourself from the hazards of transport such as strikes or traffic. Your commute time can also be reduced if you make a more direct trip.

​Electric ​Scooter can be interesting even if you do not have a great physical condition:

​With the built-in battery ​an electric scooter propels you and the manufacturers allow up to 120kg of load.

You don't have to worry about taking a change of clothes or having a shower: no sweat, you may just get a little disheveled at your workplace.
Electrically assisted models will also soon be on the market. If you want to maintain your shape while moving, then you will need a little more patience.

In terms of ecological responsibility, the electric scooter represents a means of travel without CO2 emissions, an additional argument to get started.

A constraint however, whatever the model, you must have a place to reload it.

How to understand the power of electric scooters?

There are many references of electric scooters and sometimes even several versions of the same model. But in fact, you need to know a few tips to choose the best model for your needs.

  • Models with a lithium battery are lighter. If you have to carry your electric scooter, it's a good choice! Especially since these machines often have better autonomy and a higher top speed.

  • For power, you have to rely on watts. It is generally between 100 and 1000 Watts. The higher is this value, the greater the acceleration will be. But you should also know that the higher is the value, the faster the battery will be discharged if you accelerate hard. A "powerful" e-scooter often requires manufacturers to increase the capacity of the batteries and thus increase the total weight of the scooter. Just like for cars, engines from Germany for scooters are popular.

  • For an early / mid-range model, 500W of power is ideal for an adult electric scooter. It is powerful enough to save time and not risk falling even in full acceleration. In addition, consumption will not be affected too much. The good advice is to test for yourself different powers of scooter to see the one that suits you best. But always keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to be the most powerful, especially if you drive downtown on congested roads, it can even be dangerous.

  • In addition to power, always be sure to check the range of the electric scooter, which can vary between 15 and 40 kilometers depending on the capacity of the battery. A large autonomy is an important parameter or you will not have enough electricity to go home.

​Electric ​Scooter with or without a ​Seat ? What ​is the difference ​?

​Last trend, some electric scooters manufacturers ​have ​upgraded their products with a seat. It is in fact more generally a saddle as one could see on a bike.

This is primarily for users who drive several kilometers a day in order to limit fatigue when using this means of transport. In fact, it ​differ a little bit from the ​look of the traditional scooter to get closer to that of the ​motorcycle but the gain in comfort is real, especially after ​3 or ​4 ​miles. However, we advise you to try ​electric scooters with ​seat and without if you hesitate. Indeed, some people are much more comfortable with one model rather than the other to get to sneak into corks.

For people who ride their electric scooters for short distances, such as getting to public transport and having to bend their gear, a saddle-free model may be more practical on a daily basis. There are also storage bags specially designed for electric scooters.

In any case, electric scooters ​on the market are considered to be motor vehicles in their own right. They are not allowed to drive on the sidewalks but must use the tracks for cyclists or ride on the road. In this regard, you will be able to consult our guide on approved electric scooters, whose brand ​Nan​Robot is undoubtedly the most famous. Note that some cities now have roads specifically dedicated to electric scooters, which shows that it is a booming accessory!

​Can you ride an ​Electric ​Scooters ​Off​ ​Road ?

​​Electric scooters are more and more powerful and also offer more ​range. Manufacturers have the idea to develop models specially ​designed to off-road with "big wheel".

​It does not mean that regular ​electric scooters ​are not fit for it. But those developed specifically for the off-road have a higher ground clearance and wheels of a larger diameter. The differences stop there.

Whether ​designed for city ​or off-road, electric scooters are able to ​go everywhere. ​Performances are ​not ​maximized but remain correct. Depending on the model, it is even possible to climb small ​​hills. ​Mileage ​drops more quickly when riding off-road ​because ​it will require additional ​power ​from the engine. So it will ​be necessary to test in real conditions to ensure you have enough ​battery ​left to go back and forth.

In any case, electric scooters have evolved greatly and now have an incredible versatility that allows you to ​use them in your daily life. Going shopping, going to work or going for a walk in the forest is just a formality for an electric scooter. And you, which one will you choose?