Ninebot Zing E10 Electric Scooter Review

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Segway Ninebot eKickScooter Zing E10:QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Segway Ninebot Zing E10 Electric Scooter





What We Like

  • Spring Shock Absorption
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Mechanical Brake
  • Cruise Mode

What We Don't Like

  • Can't adjust handlebar height
  • No fast

In this Ninebot Zing E10 review, we will see how this e-scooter proves to be a sensation for the big kids and how they can ride with style and grace.

Most manufacturers focus teenagers with their designs of these rides, and Segway Ninebot is one of them. The company is widely popular due to its highly innovative designs to provide convenience to users at an affordable price.

The Ninebot Zing E10 electric scooter and the Segway E8 are great examples of such scooters that make mobility easy for youngsters and are not expensive either.

Segway Ninebot Zing E10 Review

The Zing E10 electric scooter has a slim and lightweight design with inconspicuous but dazzling colors. The shape of its handlebars is pretty dynamic and comfortable to ride. 

It comes with anti-skid tubeless tires, easy folding design, electric and mechanical brakes, 7% hill grade, 6.2 miles per charge, and a top speed of 10 miles per hour.

It doesn’t take too much time to charge and comes with cruise control. Furthermore, it has everything that young adults would love to have. Let’s take a look at some of the important features of the Ninebot Zing E10.

ninebot zing e10 review e scooter segway

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Segway Ninebot eKickScooter Zing E10 Technical Details

Motor and Power

The first point to discuss in this Ninebot Zing E10 review is its maximum power. It can generate up to 200 watts of max power with its motor and a nominal power of 150 watts. With this much control, the scooter can go up to 10 miles per hour which is respectable both in terms of thrill and safety.

The E8 is also equipped with the same motor but comes with a top speed of 8 miles per hour. If your kid is starting then s/he can use the Safe Mode that allows running the eKickScooter at up to 10 miles per hour.

After gaining some confidence, your kid can start rolling in the Cruise Mode. This mode will allow them to glide along continuously without going for the throttle. And when they are ready for more, they may use the Turbo Mode.

Battery and Range

Next up in this Ninebot Zing E10 review is the battery range. The E10 along with the E8 both come with lithium-ion batteries along with an intelligent battery system. With this feature, these batteries can last twice as long as conventional batteries.

The battery management system also comes with safety features to keep the rider and the scooter safe from overheating, short-circuit, and over-charge. The scooter takes about four hours to fully charge.

With a single charge, the Zing E10 e-scooter can go for up to 6.2 miles. Apart from that, the battery can comfortably hold itself on a 7% inclination as well.

ninebot zing e10 battery range

Design and Structure

One of the best features of this teenager e-scooter is its single-step folding design. It has a lightweight construction and your kids can conveniently take it anywhere. A lot of credit goes to the integrated battery design of this scooter. The compact battery of this scooter packs a lot of power.

Additionally, the scooter also features a spring shock absorption system to ensure a smooth ride. The Segway Zing E10 can conveniently absorb all the bumps and you can ride it anywhere without any hassle.
The Zing E10 electric scooter also features a silicone footpad with excellent anti-skid characteristics. It is extremely user-friendly and manageable. The handle grips are made of TPR and convenient to hold as they offer superior traction. 

On the rear end, the scooter also features a 3M reflective sticker with high reflectivity and a reflection angle for the additional safety of your kids.

ninebot zing e10 electric scooter brake system

Cruise Control & Braking system

It's time to talk about the cruise control and braking system in this Ninebot Zing E10 review.

The scooter comes with a cruise control feature. With this feature, your kids can conveniently glide without having to press the scooter’s throttle. The harder you kick on your e-scooter, the faster will be the acceleration.

But that’s not all…!

For a more comfortable riding experience, the Zing E10 electric scooter comes equipped with a spring-loaded shock absorption system. This system allows the scooter to drop shocks more effectively on a variety of surfaces.

With a decent speed to have some fun and an effective braking system, this eKickScooter is surely the best choice for your youngsters while riding and exploring. The scooter guarantees safety with its three different driving modes that your kid can choose based upon the riding experience.

ninebot zing e10 electric scooter teenager

Frequently Asked Questions on Segway Ninebot Zing E10

Can we adjust the height of the Zing E10 eKickScooter ?

No, you cannot adjust the height of the Ninebot Zing E10 e-scooter as it has no such feature.

Does the Segway Ninebot Zing E10 have a headlight?

No, the Segway Ninebot Zing E10 doesn’t come with any kind of headlight. It only comes with 3M rear reflectors.

Is the Ninebot Zing E10 electric scooter Waterproof?

Yes, the Ninebot Zing E10 is resistant to water with a rating of IPX4. So you can ride this electric scooter in the rain.

ninebot segway zing e10 ekickscooter specs

Comparison Ninebot Zing E10 vs Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter

The Ninebot Zing E10 has a worthy opponent in Hiboy S2 Lite.

ninebot zing e10 vs Hiboy S2 Lite Electric Scooter

This Hiboy S2 Lite electric scooter comes with solid tires and has a full range of 10.6 miles per charge which is slightly higher than the Zing E10. It also has a better top speed of 13 miles per hour whereas, Zing E10’s speed is 10 miles per hour. Hiboy’s motor is much more powerful than the Ninebot and features an LED light with a single button LED dashboard.

The Hiboy S2 Lite is in a completely different league when you compare it with the Ninebot Zing E10. S2 Lite is better suited not only for young adults but for professionals as well. We would say the S2 Lite e-scooter is best for more experienced riders. You can learn riding an e-scooter on E10 and once you are in full control of your ride, go for an upgrade and that should be the S2 Lite.

As the Hiboy S2 Lite packs more power, it comes with a bigger price tag as well. The Zing E10 is suitable for kids and teens while the S2 Lite is suitable for teens and adults. You have some color options available as well. In terms of comfort, there is not much difference between the rides of both these scooters.

Segway Ninebot Zing E10 Electric Scooter Promo Video

Segway Ninebot Zing E10 Electric Scooter Specifications

Let's check the Ninebot by Segway eKickScooter Zing E10 specs :

  • Max. speed : 10 mph
  • Range : 6.3 miles
  • Max. hill grade : 7%
  • IP Rating : IPX4 water resistant
  • Motor nominal power : 150W
  • Motor max. power : 200W
  • Battery nominal capacity : 56Wh
  • Tires : Tubeless tires
  • Braking system : electronic brake + mechanical brake
  • Cruise Mode + 3 Riding Modes
  • Charging time : 3-4 hours
  • Size unfolded :  36 x 15.7 x 3745 in
  • Size folded : 38.6 x 15.7 x 12.6 in
  • Bluetooth App : No
  • Weight : 18.7 lbs
  • User height : between 4'3'' and 5'3''
  • Max Load : 132 lbs

Final Word

After going through all the points in this Ninebot Zing E10 review, we can say this scooter is suitable for kids and teens. If your kid has no experience with riding an e-scooter, you need to go for the Zing E10 because it is equipped with some features that allow your kids to ride and be safe simultaneously, without compromising the fun of the ride.

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