Jetson Quest Electric Scooter Review : For Short Urban Commutes

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Jetson Electric Scooter : QUEST OVERVIEW

Review of: Jetson Quest Electric Scooter


Value For Money

Possible Configurations

Environmental Friendliness

What I/We Like

  • Extended mileage on a single charge
  • Convenient buttons and portability
  • Complete control on the disc brake
  • Solid, shock-resistant tires
  • Safety LED lights
  • Affordable price

What I/We Like

  • Shorter distance than other e-scooters
  • Plastic throttle

Owning an electric scooter has a lot of economic advantages. It does not require a parking fee or fuel that harms the environment. We all know that e-scooters are quite expensive, but we found one that’s affordable yet of good quality, the Jetson Electric Scooter.

It is essential that an e-scooter runs smooth and fast. No rider would ever want to stop in the middle of the road just because of weak motor or short battery life. The controls and battery are also essential features to check when purchasing one.

Jetson Quest Electric Scooter Honest Review

Jetson Quest Electric Scooter Review

Jetson is one of the known manufacturers of personal mobility devices such as hoverboards, bikes, e-boards, and scooters. It was founded in 2012 with the vision to deliver innovative products that would create a clean community and happy riders.

Today, this brand has grown in many aspects, including team members, customers, and products. One of their best creations is the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter.

Jetson Quest Electric Scooter Features

This lightweight e-scooter boasts a lot of functionalities, making it ideal for daily use. Compared to other products, it comes at a more affordable price but without compromising the quality. Among the key features of this product are the following:

  • 250W Motor Power

The motor of Jetson electric scooter has a power requirement of 250 watts. It can propel the scooter to up to 15 miles per hour. Although this maximum speed is not as fast as the other e-scooters, it runs at a stable pace even in rough road conditions.

With this powerful motor, you’re confident to ride along different pavements and road conditions.

  • Reliable Battery

The lithium-ion battery is safely situated inside the deck. It can provide a mileage of up to 18 miles in one charge. This mileage, though, still depends on the rider's usage and riding conditions.

Nevertheless, it is already a functional capacity for the average price.

  • Controls & App

The controls provide convenience and safety. The main component is the LCD screen, which shows information on the speed, battery status, and speed mode. There are buttons for setting the speed modes.

When starting the Jetson Quest e-scooter, step on the footrest, push it off with one foot, and push down the thumb throttle to start the motor. For a complete history of your speed and additional access features, you can install the free Ride Jetson app on your device, which is available in Google Play or App Store.

Aside from the controls, the e-scooter is also built with a LED taillight and a headlight to increase your visibility in low-light conditions. For activating the integrated color beam light, double-click the button.

Bestseller No. 1
Jetson Electric Bike Jupiter Folding Kick Scooter, LED Light-Up, Adjustable Handle Bar, for Kids Ages 5+ , Black
  • Travel Light: Lightweight design and easy folding mechanism make picking up and carrying the Jupiter easy.
  • Bright Idea: Over 100 LED lights are integrated in the STEM and deck, along with LED light-up wheels, to provide extra visibility and improve safety.
  • Built for fun: Sturdy wide deck and durable frame are built to last
  • Always Growing: Easily adjust the handlebar height to modify the Jupiter as your child grows.
  • Brake Style: The Jetson Jupiter comes with rear braking. Folded Dimensions-24 × 10.5 × 8.5 inches. Unfolded Dimensions-24 × 10.5 × 29 inches
  • Jetson Quest Comfort

The wheels of the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter are robust and well-built. They never go flat even with a 220-pound user weight. Having shock-absorbent features, they provide a comfortable and smooth riding experience.

This feature is one of the crucial things to consider because it makes up this e-scooter’s reliability and comfort.

  • Portability

The aluminum frame of the Jetson Quest e-scooter provides not only a sturdy look but also a portable mechanism. You can quickly fold it for storage or for carrying inside the trains or up the stairs. 

You can bring it anywhere you go without too much hassle and sweat.

Summary of Jetson Quest Scooter Features 

The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter is an excellent choice for riders who are looking for a mix of affordability and mobility. It is made with a 250-Watt motor that can run up to 15 mph. Although it is not as fast as other e-scooters, it is dependable and robust.

The lithium-ion battery is not removable but can last for up to 18 miles in a single charge. More than the battery and motor capacity are the convenience features. Through the buttons, you can control the speed and riding mode, as well as access the e-scooter battery status.

For safety, the disc brake provides control on stopping, and the LED lights add visibility while you’re on the road. Additionally, the Jetson app offers more features that you can use for complete overall riding experience.

Technical Details of Jetson Quest Electric Scooter 2020

Here are the Jetson Scooter specs :

  • Top speed : 15 mph
  • Range : 18 miles
  • Max. climbing angle : 15°
  • Weight limit : 220 lbs
  • IP Rating : IP54
  • Wheel size : 8.5"
  • Motor nominal power : 250W
  • Motor max. power : 500W
  • Battery nominal capacity : 270Wh
  • Voltage : 36V
  • Charging time : 4-6 hours
  • Jetson App : yes
  • Size unfolded :  47.2 x 21.6 x 46.5 in
  • Size folded : 47.2 x 21.6 x 19.5 in
  • Weight : 28.4 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions on Jetson Quest

What is the Jetson Quest top speed ?

The max speed is 15 mph in mode 3

How long for charging the e-scooter ?

Jetson Quest battery take between 4 and 6 hours for a full charge.

Is Jetson Quest Scooter waterproof ?

You need to avoid heavy rains. But you can ride it on wet roads as it has an IP54 rating.

Is Jetson Quest electic scooter foldable ?

Yes, you can easily fold the Jetson electric scooter.

Comparison Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter

The Jetson e-scooter seems to be a reasonably priced personal transportation, but some riders might be looking for a cheaper alternative. However, be warned that more affordable products have questionable quality and features.

For a more economical option, you can consider the Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter. Similar to the Jetson electric scooter, this one offers a comfortable ride. It is made possible by the pneumatic tires that help reduce tensions from bumps and other rocky pavements. However, these tires are air-filled, which tend to get poked and flat.

This electric scooter is powered by a 250-watt motor that can propel for up to 15.5 mph. The battery can last for up to 12 miles and can be re-charged in approximately four hours.

The controls and display are also located right in front of your fingertips. You can view your speed, battery usage, and change your speed. It also has a quick-fold mechanism and can be easily stored or stowed away.

The Gotrax V2 E-Scooter looks like a pretty inexpensive e-scooter. However, if you compare it to the Jetson electric scooter, the latter has more mileage and longer battery life. It also comes with additional features that can be accessed through the Jetson app.

For a few bucks more, you can afford the Jetson Quest e-scooter with better quality and reliability.

Verdict on Jetson Electric Scooter Review

There is no doubt that electric scooters are environment-safe and more affordable than cars. They provide a convenient, affordable way of getting around short distances. However, they also need to be of good quality that you can rely on it.

For a price that won’t break the bank, this Jetson Electric Scooter is worth considering. The Quest has durable construction and convenient features that are essential for personal mobility and comfort. While its maximum speed is not as fast as expensive models, it is fast enough to run through the neighborhood and urban streets. We could definitely add it on our best electric scooter for commuting list.

Cheaper e-scooters are also available, but if you compare them to the Jetson Electric Scooter, the latter is still a lot better. With its dependable motor, easy-access controls, and safety features, it's definitely worth buying.

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