Best INOKIM Electric Scooters – Buying Guide and Reviews

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If you’re looking into buying a new electric scooter, what could be better than a classic Inokim electric scooter model? This simple garage project which started in 2009 has now expanded to a full-scale e-scooter business.

Inokim’s scooters are characterized by their wide variety. From short-range commuting scooters to professional performance scooters, Inokim offers them all. It’s a brand that has risen to stardom over the years.

But which Inokim scooters should you go for? In this guide, we will review 6 of the best Inokim electric scooters and also walk you through many considerations when buying a scooter.

Comparison Chart

Inokim Light 2

Inokim Quick 3

Inokim Mini 2

Inokim Quick 4

Inokim OXO

Best Inokim Electric Scooter Reviews

Inokim electric scooters pack a lot of potential and user-friendliness. These scooters can be found in various models, from short-distance to long-distance units.

Don’t forget to check out our top pick at the very end of the Inokim scooter guide.

1. Inokim Light 2 Electric Scooter

Inokim light 2 electric scooter review

The Inokim Light 2 is a reliable commuting scooter that will add fun and convenience to your work life. Engineered for short and quick rides, the Light 2 houses a 350-watt motor that can achieve a top speed of about 21 mph. This is pretty common with commuting scooters, enough for short work and school routes.

It weighs only 30 pounds and can be folded down and tucked away under your desk or in a cupboard. A powerful 10.4 Ah battery enables it to run for up to 20 miles with each charge. And recharging the battery hardly takes 4 to 5 hours.

To enhance road safety during your commute, the Inokim Light 2 incorporates LED lights on both the rear and the front end of the scooter. Additionally, it uses two drum brakes that ensure a shorter braking distance and more braking force.

This isn’t a good choice for long-distance commuting. The battery will run out too fast. It is the lightest entry though, and scooters with the longer battery life will only get heavier.


  • Good mid-range scooter
  • Safe for the road
  • Efficient for short distances
  • Secure braking
  • Light and foldable


  • Not for long-distance commuting

2. Inokim Quick 3 Scooter

inokim quick 3 electric scooter

The Inokim Quick 3 is more focused on portability and user-comfort than on speed and precision. It features a top speed of 19 mph and can run for up to 25 miles on a single charge.

To promote a strong stance, the Inokim Quick 3 features a broader base. This will not only allow you to deliver more power but also makes you feel in full control of your route. Safety is also a key feature of the Quick 3, with 10 pneumatic tires providing excellent stability and loft.

LED lights at the front and back of the scooter ensure visibility while on the road. In addition to that, it provides adequate stopping power, the Quick 3 uses a V-brake at the front and a classic disk brake at the back.

However, it weighs a lot, at 36 pounds. Luckily, it’s foldable. The heavyweight also means it can accommodate more weight, roughly about 120 kilos.

This Inokim scooter is a good choice for close-range commuting. It’s not recommended for very long commutes as its 13 Ah battery doesn’t allow them.


  • Highly comfortable ride
  • Excellent stability and suspension
  • Rear disc and front V-brake
  • Can hold more weight
  • Runs for 25 miles


  • Might be to heavy for some people

3. Inokim Mini 2 Lightweight Scooter

Inokim Mini 2 lightweight scooter

If you’re always struggling to find a lightweight product, the Mini 2 has it all for you. This best folding scooter combines portability with commuting comfort. It only weighs 23 pounds, which is impressive for a scooter of this size.

However, you are sacrificing a lot in terms of functionality. It has a small 250-watt brushless motor that runs at a top speed of 15 mph. At that rate, you can hardly cover 10 miles before the battery runs out. So it’s not for long commutes. And you may need to charge it again when you get to your destination.

But what makes it unique is the inclusion of a handy USB port through which you can charge your phone. It drains power from the scooter’s own battery, but it’s useful if you need a quick charge.

The Inokim Mini 2 is also apt at reducing bumps and jolts in your ride. It features two pneumatic tires that employ a suspension damper, great for creating smoother routes.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good for short-distance commuting
  • Suspension damper for a smooth ride
  • Handy USB port
  • Foldable design


  • Low top speed and battery range

4. Inokim Quick 4 Commuting Scooter

INOKIM Quick 4 electric scooter upgraded

The Inokim Quick 4 packs more power and traveling range than its predecessors. This is a large foldable 47-pound model that includes a rear handle for lifting and carrying. It houses a powerful 600-watt motor that can deliver a top speed of about 25 mph.

Each 7-hour recharge will last for up to 40 miles, enabling you to use the Quick 4 for longer rides. For climbing down steep hills, the Quick 4 is able to maintain low torques for smoother descents.

The control panel displays all the necessary stats, including acceleration and battery percentage. Both wheels feature damper suspension and drum brakes. You also get a thumb throttle for more convenient accelerating.

Perhaps, the biggest downfall with this Inokim scooter design is its size. It’s too big, even when folded, and is not recommended for those who don’t have much under-desk space. It’s also quite heavy, weighing in at 47 pounds.

This great scooter is highly recommended for those who like to go beyond and travel longer distances. It will last you for up to 40 miles, making it one of the best long-distance commuting scooter.


  • Can deliver higher top speed
  • Excellent for climbing hills
  • Bold and bright display
  • Dual damper suspension
  • Long range


  • Too big and bulky

5. Inokim OX All Around Electric Scooter

Inokim OX electric scooter Hero super

Tired of the same plain old Inokim scooter designs? You’ll love the Inokim Ox. With its contemporary black color and orange accents. The OX is an all-around scooter for commuting and entertainment.

When you stand on the Inokim OX electric scooter, you’ll immediately notice how spacious and comfortable the scooter feels. Right below the wide base is the powerful 800-watt brushless motor, which can deliver high speeds of up to 28 mph.

You can buy the Inokim OX in two variants (like the Kaabo Mantis scooter for example): Hero and Super. Hero houses a 13 Ah battery that will run for 22 miles, while Super has a more capacious battery, at a 33-mile range. All in all, both varieties make it a good choice for low to mid-range commuting.

A simple thumb throttle is used to provide acceleration, while two adjustable suspensions keep you safe from impact. However, you should be careful as this is quite a heavy model, weighing over 57 pounds.

The heavyweight isn’t even accommodated by the battery life, as the range is quite normal for commuting scooters. So you’re only getting more top speed with this model.


  • Slick orange and black design
  • Powerful 800W brushless hub motor
  • Good mid-range scooter
  • Great suspensions
  • Higher top speed


  • Too heavy (as much as 57 pounds)

6. Inokim OXO Off Road Electric Scooter

Inokim OXO scooter off road

If the Inokim OXO wasn’t enough for you, you’ll be a big fan of this product. It’s marketed as the “big brother” of the Ox and uses a more powerful motor. The Inokim OXO is capable of achieving top speeds of 40 mph. And this is only made possible through its 2000 watt motors (2 x 1000W).

This not only means faster commuting but also longer battery life. Each full charge will last you for up to 36 miles, a major upgrade from its predecessor. What’s more, this scooter is one of the very few that use hydraulic disc brakes.

Along with that, each pneumatic tire features an adjustable suspension that keeps you floating off the ground. This system is great for reducing impact and shudders.

It is quite heavy though, weighing in at 74 pounds. So it’s not recommended for those who don’t like to carry bulkier produce around. It’s good for long-distance commuting and off road riding, or if you want to reach your destination faster.

Climbing downhills is also a breeze, as the OXO can maintain lower torques for longer periods. It is foldable, but when folded, it will still be bulkier than counterparts. So make sure you have a lot of under-desk space.


  • Dual 1000W motors
  • Made for longer-distances
  • Adjustable dual suspension
  • Secure hydraulic brakes
  • Great for off road


  • Heavy and bulky

Inokim Electric Scooter Buying Guide

So, you know which Inokim scooters are better than the rest. But why? What makes them stand apart from the crowd? And how can you make your own decision regarding the scooter?

Here are 4 main factors to keep in mind when picking out the Inokim electric scooter.

Structure and Design

The first thing you should consider is the design and construction. Most scooters from Inokim use the same base design. However, some have a wider board and longer neck. Wider boards give more legroom, but they will take up more space under your desk.

As for the design, choose a color and pattern you feel is right for you. Inokim offers their scooters in a variety of colors, and some even have accents and other patterns. This is one of the major reasons why people prefer Inokim over other brands. The wide variety allows for a range of options to choose from.

Inokim OXO brakes motor

Motors and Batteries

Next, consider the wattage of the motor used. Motor wattages between 300 and 500 are usually for low-range scooters with slower speeds. Wattages between 500 and 800 can take you farther than the lower-wattage scooters. The scooters that give up to 1000 watts of power are usually classed as performance scooters.

It should be noted, however, your scooter has two motors, one for each wheel. So a 350-watt motor means a total wattage of 700 watts. The peak wattage may be slightly higher, say 750 watts or 800 watts.

Battery life is also a major consideration since you want your scooter to last longer. Typically, battery life is measured in how many miles you can run on a full charge. Anywhere between 18 to 25 miles is common for low to mid-range scooters. Some higher performance scooters will have 40 miles of battery life.

INOKIM scooter display

Brakes and Suspensions

Brakes and suspension will decide how safe and comfortable a ride you can achieve using your Inokim scooter. Inokim utilizes a few different types of brakes, including disc (cable or hydraulic), drum, and V-brakes.

Most of the Inokim’s scooters have a front-disc and rear-drum setup. This is the same one used on many automotive cars and bikes. It allows for the best braking power while also keeping things under budget.

V-brakes are the type used on bicycles, with cables that pull on the brakes to create friction. They’re not the most efficient but can save you a lot if you’re driving at lower speeds.

As for the suspension, you can get it in a variety of styles. The most common would be the damper suspension. They work to dampen the shock from the wheel springs. Some of these scooters don’t even use any form of suspension. And instead, they rely on the pneumatic tires to keep you aloft.

Comparison Inokim Vs Xiaomi Scooter

Inokim and Xiaomi both are some of the world’s leading brands when it comes to manufacturing electric scooters. However, some differences cannot be ignored.

The first notable difference between the two brands is the diversity of their product lines. While Inokim has a lot of different scooter designs to offer, Xiaomi only has a few. It has its M365 Scooter and M365 Pro, both of which only come in black or white colors.

The second difference is in the braking system. Inokim uses a standard disc/drum brake combination, while Xiaomi uses a regenerative brake and disc brake. Also, OXO scooter provide hydraulic brakes and this type of brake is more efficient and saves more power in the long run.

Xiaomi’s scooters are also much more precisely designed, and even have their ride monitoring app. This means they are a more reliable brand than Inokim. But as already mentioned, your choice of the scooter is mostly limited.

INOKIM vs xiaomi

FAQ on INOKIM Electric Scooter

How to lock Inokim Ox? 

The Inokim OX doesn’t come with a lock, but you can lock it in several ways. You can, for instance, buy the official Inokim Trelock, which provides more security than regular locks. You can also get a regular D-lock or a U-lock and tie it to public areas or your garage.

How to adjust the Inokim speed limit?

Turn on the Inokim, and access the sub menu by pressing the +/- button. Press once on the power button again to access menu 2, which allows you to adjust the speed limit. This shows your current speed limit. Press the power button against to access menu 5.

Now press the +/- and power buttons simultaneously and hold. Once you get to menu 7, perform the same trick again to get to menu 8. Press +/- to increase or decrease the limit. You can go back to menu 2 to check the new speed limit.

Can I add trolley wheels to my Inokim?

Absolutely. You can add trolley wheels to your Inokim by removing the cover using a simple screwdriver. You’ll also need to undo the lever using a wrench and untighten the wire wound around it. Simply adjust the trolley wheels onto the axle, repeat for the other side, and put the cover, lever, and wire back in place.

How to install a zeat on an Inokim Scooter?

To assemble an Inokim seat, you’ll need a 3M and 6M Allen key. The seat post shaft has two holes on the underside and one hole on the side to fasten it to the base plate. Do so using the 3M Allen key.

Now informant of the rear wheel of your scooter, place the two base plates side by side. Insert your base plate quick-release into the first base plate and tighten it. Now, simply insert the seat post into the seat post shaft and fasten it using the shaft quick-release. Finally, insert the seat into the post and tighten it using the 6M Allen key to tighten the screws.  

Can I make modifications to an Inokim Scooter?

Most definitely. You can adjust the max speed limit, remembering to stay within the restraint of local laws. You can also add two extra trolley or training wheels in case you have problems while balancing.

Some people may also decide to add a seat to rest on the scooter when making stops. You may also add more lights, including wheel lights, both for aesthetics and better visibility in the night.

Final Word

Inokim is one of the world’s most popular e-scooter brands, and for all the right reasons. With each scooter being crafted for the lowest budget, Inokim stands out from the crowd.

But which scooter is for you out the best Inokim electric scooters reviewed? If you want an all-around choice, we would suggest, Inokim Light 2. It’s a mid-range scooter that is great for everyday short-distance commuting.

It can’t be used for longer-distance commuting and is quite slow when compared to succeeding products. However, this is by far the lightest of them all. And it’s quite a bargain given the price you get it at.

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