How to ride an electric scooter ? 4 riding tips to help you ride safely

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You are wondering how to ride an electric scooter? You might remember kick scooters from a few decades ago, and it was promoted mostly for teenagers. However, these scooters have become more convenient and accessible for adults as electric scooters because of their efficient, cost-saving, and fun way to commute or go around the city.

Brands such as Mearth, Australia’s first e-scooter brand, are now producing electric scooters with different sizes and features designed for everyday commute or off-road travel. Some e-scooters are also designed for different skill levels, although more powerful e-scooters can be difficult to maneuver for beginners. Like other forms of vehicles, riding an electric scooter will take practice. Trying it out before hitting the road also ensures that you can be safe while riding.

Although riding an electric scooter is like riding a kick scooter, there are still some differences. If you want to learn how to ride an e-scooter, here are electric scooter riding tips to help you ride safely.

Is it easy to ride an electric scooter?

First off, you might be thinking if it’s difficult to ride an electric scooter. The answer is simple: it’s easier than you think. In fact, it might even be easier than riding a bicycle! However, riding an electric scooter is different than riding a bicycle. For one, you don’t need to push the scooter manually for you to move. However, there are a few safety guidelines you need to follow to ensure your safety while riding.

How to ride an electric scooter for beginners?

Step 1: Be familiar with your scooter

Before you hit the road, you must know how your electric scooter works first. This is not only for you to enjoy your ride, but also for you to lessen the risks of injuries while riding. Check and learn the controls and mechanisms of your scooter.

For example, you will find your main controls and features in the cockpit. The cockpit includes your handlebars, brakes, display, throttle, light switch, speed modes, and other features your electric scooter has.

It’s important to know each of these feature’s functions and how it works. Being familiar with your controls and other parts of your scooter will help you activate the right one when you need it.

electric scooter safety tips

Step 2: Wear the right clothes and safety gear

Out of all the electric scooter safety tips that you should follow, wearing proper safety gears is the most important. After all, safety gears lessen the impact on your body in case of an accident. Make sure to wear a helmet that fits you properly. If you can, get a helmet with a visor to prevent bugs from getting in your face.

Other safety gears to wear are knee and elbow pads, gloves, and closed shoes. Moreover, you should also wear protective clothing. These include clothes that cover your arms and legs to lessen scrapes if you fall.

Lastly, make sure to wear reflectors when riding at night. This helps increase your visibility allowing other riders and vehicles to see you on the road.

Step 3: Hop on your scooter and practice

Don’t ride on the road until you have successfully practised in private. To start, practice riding your scooter in a flat and smooth path to help you get the feel of riding it without worrying about obstacles.

Raise your e-scooter’s kickstand that’s found under or beside your scooter. Make sure to hold onto your scooter before lifting it, so it doesn’t lean over.

Next, get on your weaker leg and quickly kick or push yourself forward with your stronger leg. As you kick and put your stronger leg on the deck, make sure to push the throttle lightly and balance yourself as the scooter moves.

Then, put your stronger leg slightly at the back of the deck. Once you have managed to balance yourself, try to steer the handlebars to practice turning. 

Lastly, practice using your brakes and your position when you make a stop.

When riding an electric scooter for the first time, you might get a bit scared or excited, but be conscious of your body. Relax your body, so you can handle the e-scooter smoothly and enjoy the ride.

how to ride electric scooter

Step 4: Fold your scooter to park or store it

If you’re going to use your electric scooter for daily commutes, it’s best to know how to properly fold and tuck it away in public or private spaces. Sometimes, beginners may have trouble folding or unfolding their e-scooters, so you should practice this as well. 

Some folding mechanisms can be quite tricky, so it’s necessary to know how to fold your scooter, especially if you’re in a public, crowded space. Fortunately, there are one-second folding electric scooters out there such as the Mearth S electric scooter that makes it hassle-free for you to keep your e-scooter.

In case, your electric scooter doesn’t have this feature, then it’s best to practice folding and unfolding your scooter before you use it on the road.

Final Word on how to ride an electric scooter

Keep the following basic electric scooter tips in mind as you start to use your electric scooter. Moreover, make sure to study your e-scooter so you can be familiar with it. Read up on your e-scooter’s safety guidelines before you head for the road.

For example, when it suddenly rains while you’re outside, can you use an electric scooter in the rain? If your electric scooter is water-resistant or water-proof, then you may use it. However, it’s recommended to use only for light rain or drizzles. Most electric scooters might not be able to stand normal rain.

Lastly, be aware of your e-scooter laws in your city or state. Only ride your scooter in areas or paths where it is legal for e-scooters to travel. Keep all of these tips in mind, and you can safely enjoy riding your new electric scooter.

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