How To Lock An Electric Scooter: Tips and Tricks

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You may be wondering how to lock an electric scooter properly. You want your scooter to be protected and safe from theft. This guide will show you how to lock it so that you reduce the chances of theft.

There are several different types of locks you can buy. The one you pick will all depend upon your individual preferences and needs. They all work to provide maximum protection for your scooter. You should lock your scooter wherever you go.

You may only be away from the scooter for a short time but lock it anyways. It only takes moments for a resourceful thief to steal your valuable scooter. Your scooter should also be locked at home, especially if you don’t have a locked garage. Never leave your scooter out in the open where it can be seen by thieves where it will become an attractive target.

Locking Your Scooter

It’s easy to learn how to lock an electric scooter. All you need to do is follow the instructions that came with the lock. A lock doesn’t require any training to use so you won’t have a problem setting one up. Many are operated by a key while others use a combination. If you use a combination, memorize it. Keep your bike lock key with you always. Maybe get a spare key made and store this in a secure location.

Types of Electric Scooter Locks

There are several types of scooter locks that you can get for your scooter. The one you get will all depend upon your needs.


These locks secure around the scooter handlebars. They keep the level of the brake pulled on. They are easy to attach to your scooter; don’t cost a lot, and they keep the bike in place so it can’t be pushed away. It’s hard for a thief to move a scooter when it has this type of lock in place. 

These usually come with a key, so it’s easy to attach and then remove the lock. The disadvantages are that this type of lock can’t deter a thief from picking up the scooter and putting it in a truck. If you have a light scooter, this type of lock is probably not the best choice.

Cable Lock

These locks work like a standard bike cable lock does. You secure your scooter to an object. These objects need to be solid and not easily moved. For example, securing the scooter to a standard bike rack would keep it from being stolen. The advantage of them is that they are easy to attach to a solid surface.

The chains are heavy, so they are not easily cut unless the thief has an angle grinder, which is a common tool used by bike and scooter thieves to cut through the lock quickly. These locks also come with a standard key, or sometimes they have a combination lock where you need to enter numbers to open the lock.

Disc Lock

This type of lock attaches to the brakes on the scooter. These keep it in place so it can’t be moved away. They are usually attached to the rear disc brake, but they can be attached to the front as well. The main advantage is that the thief can’t drive away with the scooter.

You can pair one with a chain lock for even more security for your scooter. The disadvantage is that many scooters are lightweight and can still be lifted and put in a truck.

D Lock or U Lock for Electric Scooter

A U style shackle is passed through the wheel at the legs or the swingarm. The frame is then secured to an object and the bike can’t be stolen. They lock the wheel so the bike can’t be pushed away. They are strong locks and resist many common thief tools.

Make sure you use a small lock as the larger ones are easier to open by a thief. Your fist shouldn’t fit in the shackle gap. If your fist does, get a smaller lock as it’s harder to crack open.

Chain Lock

A chain lock usually has a padlock or a key lock, and this is wrapped around the wheel of the scooter. This ties the wheel to the swingarm or the forks, and then it wraps around a solid object to secure the bike to a structure.

A chain lock is a common lock and easy to use. Many bike owners use a chain and lock system to secure their bikes to solid objects.

Tips on How To Lock An Electric Scooter

Now that you know how to lock an electric scooter, here are some tips to make sure your bike is secured effectively.

  • Always lock your scooter. Your bike should always be locked when you are away from the scooter. It doesn’t matter if you’re only going to be away from the scooter a short time; you need to lock it. Make sure it’s locked both day and night when you’re not around.
  • Use a cover. Put a cover on your bike. This is an added step for thieves and makes the scooter less attractive. The thief has to take the cover off to see what type of scooter it is. Most thieves are looking for an easy steal, and they won’t want to take that added step. If you secure the bike outside, use a cover to deter thieves.
  • Use more than one lock. If you can afford it, use more than one lock. This adds more steps for the thief to go through, which they won’t want to do. You will have extra steps to take your bike out, but it will be well protected.
  • Alarm system. If the bike is in the garage, add an alarm system. This means the thief must deal with a loud alarm and break the bike lock so they more than likely will run away and not steal your scooter.
  • Secure it to something heavy and stable. Make sure the scooter is secured to something that is very heavy. This makes it a lot harder to lift the object and scooter.
  • Take your accessories and electric scooter parts. Never leave any accessories in the scooter compartments; if the thief can’t get the bike, they will go for the accessories you have like a helmet, gloves, and so on.


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