Hiboy NEX Review – New Electric Scooter for Teenagers and Adults

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Hiboy NEX Electric Scooter: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Hiboy NEX Youth/Adult Electric Scooter





What We Like

  • Strong deck
  • LCD Dashboard
  • LED Front light and Rear fender light
  • Portable, only 25 lbs

What We Don't Like

  • Only 250W motor

If you are looking for an electric scooter that both adults and teenagers can use, you need to go for the Hiboy NEX. This conveniently priced electric scooter has a lightweight construction and foldable design.

This scooter is a top choice for anyone who is looking to use it as a commute or just for a fun ride. But there’s more on offer and in the Hiboy NEX review.

So, scroll down further for an in-depth review.

Hiboy NEX Review

We will begin our Hiboy NEX review with some important technical details that you need to keep in mind before buying this electric scooter. It has a lightweight design so adults and teenagers can ride and carry it comfortably. With a decent battery and motor, this electric scooter serves to be a good investment over time.

hiboy nex electric scooter teen adult

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Hiboy NEX Electric Scooter Technical Details


When you have a look at the specs, you will notice this scooter focuses more on being a lightweight machine ideally suitable for teenagers and adults. It doesn’t have a very large motor. Hence, it comes with a 250W motor that allows you to zip along at a top speed of 13 miles an hour.

If you are looking for a ride that you can use for having fun this is the ideal speed to go around.

As it is designed for teenagers too, therefore, its top speed has been reduced to keep things under control.

However, 13 miles an hour is still a pretty nice speed and you can use it comfortably for small commutes if you want. Therefore, it is a top choice for young professionals.

hiboy nex review motor 250w


This Hiboy NEX electric scooter focuses also on being an easily portable ride rather than a powerful speedster. It also doesn't come with a big battery. So, you will only get a mileage of 13 miles per charge.

With this small battery, your scooter is not going to weigh a lot and take much time to fully charge either. The Hiboy NEX only takes a couple of hours before it becomes ready to ride again.

This scooter becomes a very practical option even for young professionals who want to take a ride to reach their subway to work. And while you get your work done, you can charge it to get it ready for your next ride.

Sleek Design and Structure

The entire emphasis of this electric scooter is to be a lightweight ride that both adults and youth can use conveniently. It has a sleek design to easily fold as the Hiboy NEX scooter weighs only 25 lbs. So, it is super easy to carry along as well.

Hiboy could have added an adjustable handlebar but that is not the case. However, the stem height is comfortable enough for different types of riders. This NEX electric scooter comes with a max load capacity of 180 lbs. So, you will have to be careful if you exceed this limit.

It can easily handle 15% inclination if you keep the max load within the mentioned limits.

Hiboy has also included the tool kit with your purchase. And you can easily handle a few maintenance and repairs on your own. It's not complicated to get the job done with this simplistic design.

hiboy nex scooter brake system

Lights & Braking System

Next up in this Hiboy NEX review is the lighting and braking system. The NEX comes with rear and front lighting that you can access through your scooter’s handlebar. It means you can ride safely in low light conditions without any issues.

This electric scooter also comes with pneumatic tires that are 8.5-inch in size. They make sure your ride stays comfortable no matter how fast you are going. These tires work fairly well with the dual braking system of this scooter.

On the rear end, there is a disc braking system while the rear end features an electric ABS brake system with a twist grip. With this system, your Hiboy NEX scooter gets the much-needed stopping power allowing you to be in more control on your ride.

hiboy nex dashboard lcd

Frequently Asked Questions on Hiboy NEX

Is the Hiboy App compatible with the Hiboy NEX scooter?

No, the Hiboy app is not compatible with the HIboy NEX electric scooter.

How many speed modes are available on the Hiboy NEX?

There are two different speed modes available on Hiboy NEX. One is the beginner mode while the other is the advanced mode.

Can I replace the tires with inflated ones?

Yes, you can replace them with inflated tires that are 8.5-inch in size.

Comparison with Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Scooter

segway ninebot es1l ride

Segway Ninebot ES1L is another quality electric scooter that is geared towards adults and teenagers. When you compare it with the Hiboy NEX, you will notice that you are paying slightly more for this scooter. But the ES1L is also a bit lesser in weight as compared to the Hiboy NEX.

Furthermore, the Segway ES1L electric scooter has smaller tires that are 8-inch in size as compared to Hiboy NEX’s 8.5-inch. The ES1L features a top speed of 12.4 miles per hour and its mileage is 12.4 miles per charge. Both these numbers somewhat fell short of NEX’s even though both the electric scooters come with the same 250W motor.

Although the ES1L is lighter in weight and sleeker in design, the Hiboy NEX is faster and offers better mileage. And with larger wheels, the NEX electric scooter is more comfortable to ride as compared to the ES1L.

The rest of the features are almost the same in both electric scooters.

Overall, we would say you get a better value of money when you go for the NEX because it provides you better top speed and mileage. But the ES1L is lighter and more durable because of its aluminum construction and smaller wheels.

Upon comparing them both, Hiboy NEX electric scooter is a far better option if you need something for your daily commute and riding for enjoyment. Plus, its folding system is far smoother as compared to the one in ES1L. In the Segway collection you can also check our Ninebot E22 review if you are looking to buy a well build electric scooter.

Final Word

The Hiboy NEX is a nice ride that is extremely lightweight and simple to use. If you are considering value for money, this is the right option for you. It comes with a top speed of 13 miles an hour and a mileage of 13 miles per charge. This ride is perfect for smaller commutes or just riding and having fun with your friends and family.

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