Best GOTRAX Electric Scooters – Complete Guide 2021

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You’re interested in buying an electric scooter, but don’t know how to pick the best electric scooter? Consider GOTRAX electric scooters.

If you’re stuck in the same old cycle of commuting to work every day, then you’re not alone. But what if you could change that scooting experience? What if you could revamp your daily routine with an electric scooter that can do it all?

GOTRAX is one of the world’s leading producers of hoverboards and electric scooters. They have a wide range of electric scooters, and each one appeals to a different set of people.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve found and reviewed the top 8 best GOTRAX electric scooters.

Let’s find out an electric scooter suitable for you!

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Best GOTRAX Electric Scooter Reviews

GOTRAX produces a wide array of scooters. And it’s fairly difficult to differentiate between them. They make scooters that are suited to every demographic. But which scooter suits you? That’s the real question.

Today, we’ll be going over 8 of the best GOTRAX scooters. Our reviews are based on experience as well as the specs of the product. We compare and review them and give our honest opinion.

gotrax Scooter lifestyle

GOTRAX XR Electric Scooter

gotrax XR electric scooter review

A good all-rounder, the GOTRAX XR is the go-to scooter for most riders. It’s equipped with a 250-watt powerful motor. Which is why it’s one of the best for both on and off-road performance. You can achieve speeds of up to 15.5 mph with this scooter.


This GOTRAX electric scooter uses a 36V 2.5 Ah battery to power up the engine. It can keep going non-stop for hours, covering up to 12 miles before the battery needs recharging. And as for the recharging, you only need to dock this scooter for 3-4 hours.

Featured at the forefront of the scooter is a smart digital display. Here you get to see your current speed, your speed settings, and how much battery life you have left.

Portability is a big thing with electric scooters. The GOTRAX XR can fold down to just 44 inches in length, perfect for use with public transport.

What’s so intriguing about the GOTRAX XR is that it has two braking systems. You have the traditional rear disc braking mechanism. But you also get an electronic brake for added security. 

For those who like to travel in the night, the GOTRAX electric scooter comes equipped with a front LED light. Even the back has a taillight, though it only reflects surround lights.

The GOTRAX XR also has a waterproof rating of IP54. It is the standard rating for electric scooters. So splashing around in puddles won’t affect the internal components.

It’s strong and capable, but if you are out on hilly terrain, try for a more powerful scooter. You will also find this bad boy in our best electric scooter under $500 selection.


  • Long battery life and mileage
  • Includes two braking systems
  • It comes with a headlight
  • Portable – folds down for carrying
  • Smart digital display


  • Not for rocky terrain

GOTRAX XR Ultra Folding Electric Scooter

GOTRAX XR Ultra lightweight Electric Scooter

An even more powerful scooter, the GOTRAX XR Ultra, is for those who go beyond. This electric scooter comes equipped with a powerful 300-watt motor. The motor can peak at 430 watts, which should give you enough thrust to go about your day.

GOTRAX XR Ultra Review

The XR Ultra can peak at speeds of 15.5 mph. Inside, there’s a 36V 7.0 Ah LG battery. A single 3-4 hour charge can provide up to 16 miles of travel. Like the XR, this, too, is IP54 waterproofed. So any water won’t damage the inside of the scooter.

Equipped with a dual braking system, the Gotrax electric scooter XR Ultra uses both a rear disc and electronic brakes. Aside from that, the front panel displays your current speed and battery life.

Each wheel is 8.5 inches in diameter and air-filled, providing extensive cushioning and traction. These tires are made to be shock absorbent, allowing for better performance on rocky surfaces. 

You may find some issues with the acceleration being slow. Typical scooters can reach 15 mph in just 6 seconds, but this scooter can take up to 8.

It’s quite a noticeable difference, so it’s counted as a drawback. But mostly, the folding electric scooter XR Ultra is a splendid choice to take to work.

Personally, the one noticeable thing here is the high-power motor. This motor can be used to acquire high speeds. But if you’re in a crowded suburb, avoid speeding.

This e-scooter is also a great choice for traversing through hilly or rocky terrain. The motor will take you through most uneven surfaces easily, limited by your skills.


  • Dual braking system
  • More traction and speed
  • Made for unfavorable terrain
  • Front control panel for accessibility
  • Long battery life and low charging time


  • Acceleration is slower

GOTRAX GXL V2 Commuter Scooter

gotrax gxl v2 electric scooter review commuting

Next up, we have the GOTRAX GXL V2. This scooter is a commuter’s best friend. It has all the features you need, with a powerful 250-watt motor and a dual braking system.


Equipped with a 36 V 7.8 Ah battery, the GXL V2 can power through extensive journeys. One 4 –hour charge will last you 9.12 miles.

As for the motor, 250 watts of power is enough speed for your daily commute. You get two-speed levels. The first level allows for up to 10 mph of speed, and the second for 15.5 mph of speed.

The second level is mainly for when you’re running late to work. However, if you have to run through rocky or hilly terrain, consider a more powerful motor.

The GXL V2 features Cruise Control. Simply hold the accelerator down for 10 seconds, and the scooter will maintain its current speed.

A portable design was kept in mind when making the GXL V2. You can activate the folding mechanism via a simple lever. So you can keep the scooter under your desk at work.

Along with that, the Gotrax electric scooter GXL V2 has two 8.5 inch air-filled tires. These were designed with commuting in mind. They can absorb shock and keep your journey steady and stable.

There’s also a dual braking system here, along with a smart digital display. The display is the most intuitive way to monitor you speed.


  • Dual braking system
  • Two-speed settings for every scenario
  • Lever-activated folding mechanism
  • Powerful motor for daily riding
  • Cruise Control feature


  • Lower battery capacity

GOTRAX GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter for Adults

gotrax electric scooter Gmax ultra

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Here’s a product for those who like to go the extra mile, quite literally. With a 350W motor and IPX4 waterproofing, the GOTRAX GMAX Ultra is the best choice for heavy-duty commuting.

GOTRAX GMAX Ultra Review

Right off the bat, you’ll notice the difference in speed and propulsion when using this scooter. It is because there’s a more powerful motor at work here. This motor gives an average of 350 watts, peaking at 550 watts of power.

The GOTRAX GMAX Ultra uses a 36 V 17.5 Ah LG battery, which can provide enough charge for 45 miles. It is the longest-running battery life among most scooters of this range. Since there’s a more powerful motor, you can get speeds of up to 20 mph.

The waterproofing on this GOTRAX electric scooter is rated at IPX4. That isn’t an actual rating – it only tells you the last digit of the rating. When there’s six as the last digit, it means that the scooter can handle heavy sprays of water.

With the GOTRAX GMAX Ultra, you also get Cruise Control and a Digital Lock. What’s new in this model is the intuitive display. This display shows not only your speed and battery life but also an odometer. You can also see if you have given any turning signals or if your headlights are on.

You also get a hand-operated rear disc brake as well as an electronic brake. And if you’re riding in the dark, the front has a headlight for added after.


  • Longer battery life
  • It can achieve higher speeds
  • More waterproof
  • Durable and portable
  • Enhances digital display


  • Heavier body and build

GOTRAX XR Elite Commuting Electric Scooter

Xr Elite Commuting gotrax Electric Scooter

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Lastly, we have the GOTRAX XR Elite. This scooter is made for higher-power commuting through your local suburb.

GOTRAX XR Lite Review

The GOTRAX XR Elite comes with a 300 average watt motor. This constant high-power propulsion is enough to reach speeds of up to 15.5 mph. Along with that, you get two-speed settings.

The first setting is low-power and for when you want to conserve energy. The second setting is for when you’re running late, or if your commute is too long.

A 36V 7.0 Ah LG battery powers the entire scooter. This battery can give up to 16 miles per charge, which is slightly higher than other scooters. That also means that your scooter conserves energy y better. It only takes 4 hours to charge fully.

Additionally, the XR Elite features two 8.5 inch air-filled tires. That means you get adequate shock-absorption and is much better than solid tires.

The GOTRAX XR Elite has an IP54 waterproof rating. What IP54 means is that it’s splash resistant, but not completely submergible. Splash-resistance is more than enough for daily use. And the rating also applies to dust and mud-proofing.

Moving on to the interface, the XR Elite has a digital display. Here you can view your current speed along with the gear you’re in as well as your battery life.

This GOTRAX electric scooter also features a built-in headlight for commuting at night. Furthermore, you get a dual braking system for added security and a smoother braking experience.


  • Longer battery life
  • It provides cushioning and impact protection
  • Great for your daily commute
  • For longer distances
  • Includes digital display


  • Slower acceleration

GOTRAX APEX Foldable Electric Scooter

apex gotrax scooter foldable


  • Top speed : 15.5 mph
  • Range : 15 miles
  • Climbing hills angle : 14°
  • IP Rating : IPX4 waterproof
  • Motor nominal power : 250W
  • Motor max. power : 500W
  • Tires : 8,5" air filled
  • Battery Voltage : 36V 6Ah
  • Charging time : 3 hours
  • New Smart display : yes
  • Cruise control : yes
  • LED light : Front
  • Size unfolded :  44 x 18.5 x 43.5 in
  • Size folded : 40 x 8.5 x 16 in
  • Weight : 32 lbs
  • Max rider weight : 220 lb


  • Bigger display
  • Battery located in the deck
  • 250W motor for top speed of 15.5 mph
  • Great Range of 15 miles
  • Disc brake


  • Only braking rear lights.
  • Weight 32 lbs.

You want to know more about this electric scooter ? Read our full Gotrax APEX review article to learn more about this scooter.

GOTRAX G4 10 inches Scooter

g4 gotrax electric scooter for adult

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  • Top speed : 20 mph
  • Range : 25 miles
  • Climbing hills capability : 15°
  • IP Rating : IP54 waterproof
  • Motor nominal power : 350W
  • Motor max. power : 700W
  • Tires : 10" air filled
  • Braking system : front and rear disc brakes
  • Battery Voltage : 36V 10.4Ah
  • Charging time : 4-5 hours
  • New Smart display : yes
  • Cruise control : yes
  • LED light : Front
  • Digital lock : yes
  • Size unfolded :  42.3 x 17.9 x 47.4 in
  • Size folded : 44 x 8.2 x 20 in
  • Weight : 36 lbs
  • Max rider weight : 220 lb
Feel free to read our full Gotrax G4 review article to learn more about this scooter.


  • 10" shock absorbing tires
  • Advanced Lithium Ion battery
  • 350W motor
  • Long range of 25 miles
  • Dual braking system


  • No rear lights, only reflectors
  • Weight 36 lbs

G2 GOTRAX Electric Kick Scooter

g2 gotrax electric scooter lightest


  • Top speed : 15.5 mph
  • Range : 9 miles
  • Climbing hills capability : 15°
  • IP Rating : IP54 waterproof
  • Motor nominal power : 200W
  • Motor max. power : 300W
  • Tires : 6.5" solid rubber
  • Braking system : electric
  • Battery Voltage : 24V
  • Charging time : 3 hours
  • Cruise control : yes
  • 2 speeds : 10 mph and 15.5 mph
  • Front light : yes
  • Size unfolded :   x x  in
  • Size folded : 41.5 x 17 x 12.4 in
  • Weight : 20.9 lbs
  • Max rider weight : 220 lb


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Portable
  • For kids and teens
  • Front motor
  • Support 220 lbs


  • Small range
  • Only 200W motor

GOTRAX Electric Scooter Buying Guide

You can only pick the best Gotrax electric scooter for yourself when you know what you need. It can be difficult to pinpoint your requirements, especially when electric scooters are as confusing as they are.

So here are the four things you should check for in an electric scooter.


The structure and type of materials are essential for the product’s durability. Most electric scooters use an aluminum alloy as a frame. Aluminum is the best choice here, as it’s both lightweight, rustproof, and cost-effective.

Some scooters have solid tires that are made from hardened rubber. These fail to provide adequate cushioning that an air-filled (pneumatic) tire does. If you can afford the higher-end scooters, always go for air-filled tires, preferably 8.5 inches in radius.

If you’re a shorter adult, you’ll want to check out how comfortable the scooter feels. Some may have a retractable handle, but not all do.

A lot of electric scooters have a smart control panel. GOTRAX scooters feature a digital screen that shows you your current speed, gear, and battery life. Some of their models also show you icons for your lock, headlights, and turn signals.

gotrax foldable electric scooter

Motors & Batteries

The motor decides how much speed you can gather and how fast you accelerate. GOTRAX scooters use their motor. The general trend seen in GOTRAX is that there are two categories of scooters. There’s the 250-watt category, great for a speed of 15.5 mph. Then there’s the 300-450 watt category, providing a range of speeds, up to 18 mph.

You’ll mostly only need the 250-watt category. If the streets are clear and your work is too far away, then opt for a more powerful motor.

As for the battery, GOTRAX uses Li-ion LG batteries. The batteries are normally seven aH or above. And they should provide at least 12 miles of coverage. Most batteries take 3-4 hours to recharge. Remember, the more powerful the battery, the longer the charging time.

More battery life is required for longer journeys. Also, keep in mind that a faster speed setting will mean the battery will run out quicker. So keep a check on the battery icon on your display.

gotrax Electric Scooter dual disc brake

Brakes & Suspensions

GOTRAX scooters use two types of brakes: electronic and hand-operated disc brakes. Let’s look at each one of these separately.

Electronic brakes work by shorting the connection to the motor. In a way, they abruptly stop the motor. These brakes aren’t very performative and are more prone to failure. They can be activated by a switch on the panel.

Disc brakes are the type we’re all familiar with. These provide the best braking power, but they require more maintenance. If you’re used to non-electric scooters and their interface, you’ll be using the disc brakes more often.

As for suspension, most scooters use PU suspension bushes. The amount of shock-absorbing also depends on the tires. Pneumatic (air-filled) tires are better than solid tires, as they provide more cushioning and shock absorption.

More shock absorption is preferred for rockier terrains and hilly areas.

GOTRAX Customer Service & Replacement Parts

Finally, consider customer service and replacement. GOTRAX has the most hospitable and responsive customer service. As for a replacement, GOTRAX provides replacement parts for the motor and battery.

You can also find other scooter parts such as extension tubes, hook latches, and even foot pedals. But the availability of these is different for each model.

It is best to contact customer service or visit some GOTRAX repair store for repairing items. Repairing on your own can void the warranty.

Most GOTRAX scooters come with a “Ride Now, Pay Later” policy. It allows you to pay the price in monthly installments.

why buy gotrax electric scooter

FAQ on GOTRAX Electric Scooter

How to unfold GOTRAX scooter?

When you get your GOTRAX scooter, it will come folded. There will be a small hook that attaches the main handle to the fender of the rear tire. To unfold your GOTRAX scooter, simply unhook the handle from the fender.

Follow the same steps to fold the scooter back up. Your scooter will also come with a kickstand, so make sure you pull that up when packing or unpacking.

How to charge a GOTRAX scooter?

Charging the GOTRAX is mostly straightforward. First, set up the charger by connecting the cable into the AC adapter. Now first connect the adapter into the battery of the scooter. The charging spot on each scooter is different. But it will usually be around the top half of the handlebar.

Then connect the other end of the adaptor into the wall outlet and let your unit charge. Typical charging time for GOTRAX scooters is 3-4 hours.

How to lock GOTRAX scooter?

GOTRAX scooters can work with cable locks. There is sufficient space between the rear tire and the disc brake to pass a cable through. You can also purchase a GOTRAX lock that requires a password to unlock.

There are some special types of locks, such as the disc lock. These locks attach to the disc brake and prevent it from moving. You can opt for both disc and cable locks for added security.

How to make GOTRAX scooters faster?

Aside from the built-in gears, it’s not recommended to try and make your scooter run beyond what it’s made for. Your tires will burn out; your motor will give way, and let’s not forget about the void warranty.

With that being said, there are ways to overcome those adversities. You can switch out the motor for a faster one, and find a bigger battery. If you’re switching out the batteries, be very careful. Too much battery power can essentially burn out the motor. You’ll also need to remove the speed limiter.

There are many extensive guides on the internet to make your scooter faster. Just be sure you do this on an old scooter, one which doesn’t have a valid warranty. Otherwise, you’re just ruining a perfectly good scooter. And always take precautions when handling electrical components.

Can a GOTRAX scooter go up hills?

GOTRAX scooters are designed with speed and performance in mind. However, they do have limitations.

The short answer is yes, but the hill-climbing time differs from scooter to scooter. For example, the GOTRAX GXL V2 can climb up a hill in just 20 seconds. Other models take longer. There’s one thing to consider here: your GOTRAX can climb hills just fine on normal speed settings. So there’s usually no need to crank up the gear.

If the hill is rocky or uneven, you’ll want to consider optimal suspension. GOTRAX already comes with the best suspension system as well as pneumatic tires. But with time, the suspension bushes can wear off. Consider replacing them if you notice hindrance.

Final Word on GOTRAX Electric Scooter

GOTRAX is the world’s leading producer and distributes of electric scooters. It has produced some of the best electric scooters to date. And it continues to carry on that legacy.

Out of the best GOTRAX electric scooters that we have reviewed, the GOTRAX GXL V2 stuck out the most. That was because it had a better interface, more power, and better value for the high price.

But this is just the best all-rounder for us. As stated before, there’s a GOTRAX scooter made just for you surely.

So what are you waiting for? Find the best electric scooter for yourself and uplift your daily routine!

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