Gotrax APEX Review – Great electric scooter for your daily commute

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Gotrax APEX Folding Electric Scooter: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Gotrax APEX Portable Electric Scooter





What We Like

  • High Torque motor
  • Portable and Foldable
  • Better battery
  • New LCD display
  • Waterproof design

What We Don't Like

  • Only rear disc brake

With this APEX e-scooter, the Gotrax brand deliver an upgraded version in their commuter electric scooter line. In today's urban daily life everyone needs means to commute. No matter how expensive it gets, people will find a way to the conveyance of their choice.

The Gotrax APEX electric scooter is a great choice for reaching destinations without spending a fortune. Check out the Gotrax APEX review to know about one of these scooters.

Let’s see what the Gotrax APEX bring to the table and how it can be a game changer for your daily commute.     

Gotrax APEX Review

The Gotrax APEX electric scooter has an updgraded battery life (comparing to Gotrax GXL V2 for example). The battery runs for about 15 miles (or four hours), which is perfect for commute to work or school. It is really great for everyday short trips and distances.

It's 250W motor works with the 36V 6Ah battery to make an easy ride. However, the power consumption remains low and efficient. A person up to 220 pounds can easily ride the scooter.

The tires help lift heavyweight and make a smooth terrain. The diameter for each wheel is 8.5 inches. Air tires make maintenance low as well.

gotrax apex electric scooter black

Gotrax APEX Electric Scooter Technical Details

250W Motor / Power (350W in peak)

The motor is an essential part to ensure the scooter has enough power. The Gotrax APEX motor provide 250 watts of nominal power and 350 watts in peak. The wattage is perfect for small hills and flat surfaces. The motor is to ensure the torque is high.

Torque is a unit of force that comes under linear kinematics. The object should accelerate at an angle with the right torque. High torque in this Gotrax APEX scooter allows easy turns and twists on the go. The Gotrax brushless motor is very small and is located inside the rear wheel. It does not make the scooter bulky to carry around. Gotrax APEX maximum speed is 15.5 mph.

The strength of the motor falls on the right of the rider. With the Gotrax APEX review, we can say that it holds up to 220 pounds easily. There is not much strain or pressure on the motor to work harder. It is a smooth ride at a constant speed.

gotrax apex 250w motor

Battery (15 miles range)

Since this a complete Gotrax APEX review of electric scooters, we must talk about the battery. 

The battery of an electric scooter is its fuel. It works to power the motor and runs smoothly. Its battery is Lithium Ion 36V 6 Ah which runs for about 15 miles or four hours approximately. The battery is inside the deck to reduce bulking and chaos and takes about four hours to fully charge.

However, the range is slightly different and mainly depends on the weight of the rider. Hence, the battery life may vary for each person and the terrain they take.

On top of that the APEX battery has protection for under or even overcharging. It is resistant to short circuits and has temperature resistance. You can rely on it to last you a long time. The battery life is quite long overall and is replaceable.

gotrax apex scooter battery lithium ion

Design and Structure (with LED lights)

One of the best parts you will see in the Gotrax APEX review of its scooter is the sleek and steady design. It is easy to fold and lock for safety. The weight stands at 32 pounds, which is not too heavy. Its folding system is automatic with the push of a button.

The design includes a speedometer and control over the speed. To ensure you can see in the dark, there is a bright LED light right in the front. There are also brake lights in the back for more visibility.

This Gotrax APEX electric scooter comes in one color and is very sleek. It has a stand on the side just like a motorcycle. The wheels are air tires. Each of these is 8.5 inches in diameter that can hold the maximum weight of the rider.

gotrax apex lcd display

Lights and Disc Braking System

Having the correct lighting and braking system is important for any vehicle. This is why it is shocking when some electric scooters do not have it in them.

The Gotrax APEX has a proper arrangement for light. You have rear brake lights on the scooter so anyone can see you from the back at night. It is very bright but not adjustable.

The brake seems to have some focus. Its dual electronic braking system is fast and extremely reactive. For many scooters, it takes about 30 to 40 feet of braking. Mechanical disc rear brakes still take the lead and you do not step on the ground when it is running.

gotrax apex electric scooter anti slip deck

Frequently Asked Questions on Gotrax APEX

Is the Gotrax APEX easily foldable?

Yes. The Gotrax APEX is foldable and compact to take anywhere. The folding is automatic with just the push of a button.

Where Is the Gotrax APEX battery located?

The battery is inside the deck of the electric scooter. It is better in order to reduce the bulkiness and make the scooter more stable.

Is it a good scooter to commute to?

This scooter is great for a short commute to schools and offices. It has a long battery life that helps you run it easily. The lightweight feature makes it suitable to carry so you can take it to your bus or train stop.

Comparison with Hiboy NEX3 Electric Scooter

hiboy nex3 electric scooter

The Hiboy NEX3 Electric Scooter (available here) is very similar to the Gotrax APEX Electric Scooter.

They both have 8.5-inch diameter wheels that make the foundations similar. Similar to the Gotrax Apex, there is a double braking system which is very efficient and helps in giving a quick response.

The storage is very compact and easy to carry. With just the push of a button, the scooter folds like the Gotrax APEX. It takes about three seconds to fold the scooter.

Even though it is similar, there is some major difference in both these scooters.

Perhaps the biggest one is the Hiboy NEX3 which has a motor of 350 wattages. This is 100 watts higher than the Gotrax. It gives them the advantage to go up steeper hills than the Gotrax can handle. The motor also gives speed and amplification.

Along with a heavier motor, there is also a better battery. This Hiboy NEX3 battery works for about 16 miles, which is more than the Gotrax.

However, one place that it does not do better is the capacity. The load limit on this scooter is only about 200 pounds as opposed to the Gotrax Apex that has 220. The item weight compensates to an extent by being lighter than the Gotrax APEX electric scooter.

Also Gotrax APEX waterproof rating is IPX4 compared to IP54 on Hiboy NEX3. So APEX is a better choice if you will often have to ride your scooter under the rain.

Final Word

If you are looking for an efficient electric scooter, our Gotrax APEX Review will help you through the process. Now, all you need is your usage and terrain. You should also weigh yourself and check the capacity. With this information, you can get the best one for you.

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