Fastest Electric Scooters to Speed Up Your Travels

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Guess what’s the best micro-mobility device this year ? The fastest electric scooters. Yes! These beauties are two-or three-wheeled plug-in motorcycles designed to help you tackle those last miles.

The reason the world is going micro on most of its products is that technological advancements such as electric scooters are fast and portable. While those available online will surely satisfy your need for speed, which model is the best for you? These reviews will help you pick out the fastest electric scooter for yourself.

Fastest Electric Scooters Comparison Chart

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Best Fastest Electric Scooters Reviews

We’ve rounded up the best electric scooters available online and decided to share with you some that we absolutely loved. Here’s a list of the top five options to make shopping easier for you.

1. Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

dualtron thunder electric scooter features

This electric scooter by Minimotors is built for the fastest on-road performances. The Dualtron Thunder maximum speed of almost 50 miles per hour. It is great for electric scooters in its league.

In addition to its incredible speed and performance, its 5,400-watt motor gives you a staggering 75-mile range. This allows you to speed away for long distances.

We absolutely loved the accessibility of this model. Firstly, the wheel mounting system is removable, with a four-inch-wide tube, so servicing it or fixing flat tires is a breeze. Secondly, the LED lights on the front and back, combined with the illuminated handlebars, give you better visibility for nighttime riding.

Of course, with its fast speed comes the need for safety and security. The Dualtron Thunder brakes are no ordinary hydraulic brakes, but they are designed according to ABS standards. This makes it stand out from its counterparts.


  • Changeable rubber cartridges
  • Package includes extra cartridges
  • State-of-the-art suspension system
  • Tubeless tires
  • Advanced LCD screen
  • Aircraft-standard aluminum body
  • Optional fingerprint reader


  • The speed limit wires are easy to tamper
  • Long charging time

2. Nanrobot D5+ Electric Scooter

Nanrobot brings one of the fastest electric scooter models for you. The D5+ scooter has all the features you’ll need in your micro mobility vehicle. The best part is its portable design. You can fold and unfold this scooter in minutes without wasting any time.

Apart from that, this scooter can run at a speed of about 40 miles per hour, which is more than enough for most people’s daily needs. At this speed, you can take your bike for up to 50 miles at a stretch, thanks to its high power lithium-ion battery. Also, 10 hours are enough to charge the scooter fully.

In addition, the disc brakes at the back are designed with the latest shock absorption system to protect you against impacts. Also, this technology makes sure you have maximum comfort while driving your scooter. The LED lights at the front will guide you on your nighttime excursions.


  • Changeable acceleration handle with twist grip system
  • Equipped with a reliable hand brake
  • Interchangeable single and dual drive
  • Motors on the front and back wheels
  • Can be folded for easy storage


  • Fold lock tends to fail
  • Parts are expensive and hard to find

3. Inokim OX Electric Scooter

This super scooter by Inokim is another great option when looking for the fastest micro ride. With its 800W, high-tech motor, this scooter can go up to 28 miles per hour. You can take this scooter for a long trip for about 30 to 60 miles when it’s fully charged without any battery concerns.

In addition, the Inokim OX is highly versatile. You can take it through rocky, sandy, or grassy paths, and it’ll work for them all. So, you’re not just restricted to concrete roads; you can take it out on adventures as well.

This scooter never ceases to give a smooth, undisturbed ride no matter where you take it. You can also adjust its suspension to High and Low according to your needs.

What’s the point of a scooter if it doesn’t enhance a rider’s image? The fantastic color and design of this scooter will make heads turn when you take it out. The design is functional and accessible, so you get the best features with an impressive overall look.


  • LED lights at the front and back
  • Equipped with a disc brake
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fully charges in only seven hours


  • A fairly unpopular brand

4. QIEWA Q1Hummer Electric Scooter

The QIEWA Q1Hummer scooter redefines the meaning of riding fast. Not only does it has the capacity to run at 37 miles per hour, but the set up also only takes two seconds, so you’ll be on the go in no time.

What’s more, you can use this to go around town without any complications. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, it gives you enough runtime to travel a distance of 65 miles when it’s fully charged.

In addition, the Qiewa scooter has some pretty smart features. These include a shock absorption and anti-theft system, so you don’t have to worry about your scooter at all. The tires can also resist impacts and shocks, as well as have a firm and sturdy body to keep you from slipping along tricky roads.

Moreover, the brakes on this model are one of a kind. It has the power of two disc brakes for sudden impacts as you ride away at high speeds. They will also keep you safe against any bumps and obstructions that come your way.


  • Pneumatic tire
  • IP65 standard water-resistant body
  • Has a very powerful motor
  • Has a solid build
  • Accomodates even tall and heavy riders


  • Slightly on the heavier side

5. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is more than just an errand-management electric scooter; you can use this as a mainstream bike as well.

Firstly, its versatile design enables you to take it anywhere. This means that riding an electric scooter doesn't mean you’ll have to stay on perfectly paved roads. Instead, you can take it out in the wind or on sandy beaches; it’s your call!

Secondly, this is easily the fastest out there with its 80 mph speed. You can adjust the speed limit according to your choice if you don’t prefer riding such high speeds on a scooter. Also, it has an instant acceleration system, so you’ll have a fun time with it on long rides.

Thirdly, the 60-watt motor can take you up to 100 miles when it’s fully charged. This means that your adventures will go undisturbed of battery charging hassles. It also has a reliable brake system on both front and rear ends to ensure a safe and sound road trip.


  • Dual motors
  • Smooth, powerful torque
  • Brushless motor
  • IPX5 standard water-resistant body


  • Such high speeds are not recommended on electric scooters
  • Difficult to unfold

Fast Electric Scooters Buying Guide

Motor Type

Before purchasing a scooter, you may need to consider the kind of motor it has. Try and look for the most energy-efficient motor and one that will offer excellent performance. A good motor should not consume much battery power, and it should be able to cool off quickly to increase its productivity.

The size of the motor in your scooter may contribute to the amount of power it produces. Scooters with large motors are likely to offer better performance than small ones. It should be able to go on for miles without much difficulty.

Motor Power

The size of the motor will determine the amount of power it is likely to produce. If you are planning to use a scooter for longer distances, it is better to consider one with a high-power motor. This is because high-power motors are designed to overcome various challenges that may be faced with an increase in distance.

High-power motors may be costly, but the outcome is significant. You are able to ride smoothly and faster compared to other motors. For shorter distances, it is better to stick to smaller motors, as high-power motors would not be the most efficient for such situations.

Max Speed

The need for speed is what moves many to select scooters in the first place. You may have had the need to get to your destination faster, thus pushing you to go for scooters. High-speed scooters are best for saving time.

Scooters with a high speed come at higher prices than slower ones. For high speed, try and select scooters with bigger motors, as they are likely to offer higher speeds.

Faster scooters also come with more advanced safety features that make sure you get to your destination safely. If you cannot handle high speeds, it is better to consider standard scooters to avoid accidents.


The type and design of your scooter will influence the type of tires to use. High-speed scooters require special tires that help them resist sliding or skidding. A tire with a bigger surface area will offer better stability for your scooter.

If you will be traveling on roads that are prone to water from rain or snow, it is important to look for tires with better treads. Better treads will increase friction, which will, in turn, help you ride smoothly in such conditions.

You may need to look for tires that have a higher resistance to wearing out, thus increasing their life span. Tires that offer greater friction resistance and stability may be a bit pricey, but their efficiency is outstanding.

Safety Features

Your safety and that of the scooter system should be the first thing you consider. Different scooters come with varying elements of protection, thus it is imperative to select one that has advanced safety features. Brake systems should be of high efficiency. Scooters with hydraulic brakes offer better emergency braking.

The handles should offer a good grip, and the lighting should be good enough to ensure clear visibility when in darkness. Try to consider scooters with LED lights, as they provide better visibility and do not consume much power.

Verdict of the Fastest Electric Scooters

All of these five listed scooters are great choices in their own ways, but in terms of speed, the Wolf Warrior 11 by Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 takes the trophy.

This is because it can deliver an 80 mph speed with the longest runtime through its powerful battery, which is an excellent combination if you wish to put your scooter to optimal use.

What’s more, its secure brake design and versatility, along with its water-resistant built, make it the best choice for fast, effortless travel.

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