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Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter Review

The Gotrax G4 features 10-inch air-filled tires and the first one with such tires in the Gotrax lineup of electric scooters. Therefore, it is one of the best options for you to consider when riding those paved surfaces. This Gotrax G4 review will explore in detail what this electric scooter has to offer, so let’s begin!

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Best Apollo Electric Scooters – Buying Guide and Reviews

Apollo scooter is one of the best-selling electric scooters you will find on the market. An Apollo electric scooter is second to none in terms of quality and durability. Today’s electric scooter market has grown significantly and numerous brands have their products on offer. Choosing the best scooter has never been such a complicated decision. Whether […]

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Inokim Light 2 Electric Scooter Review

Inokim Light 2 electric scooter is the most popular model of the Inokim brand. This new 2021 version (which succeeded to the Light Super) offers a lot of improvements. Both the riding experience and the design are still on top, and the Inokim Light 2 is the perfect combination of portability and performance.

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Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter Review

Listed as a premium e-scooter the Dualtron Thunder is one of the most well know vehicle in the high performance sports electric scooter range. Let’s find out in this Dualtron Thunder review if the price of the Minimotors flagship if worth it and also if the specifications are really that impressive.

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Best Electric Scooter for Teenager : Top 8 Recommendations (2021 Updated)

Teenagers are a handy bunch, especially when their friends live a considerable distance away from them. Instead of having to drive them to a friend’s house, you can give them the much-need freedom to make their way there quickly and safely. An electric scooter not only makes a great gift but also makes an excellent mode of transport. A motorized scooter is a cross between a bike and motorcycle, and lets the rider enjoy safe commuting speeds. Such scooters come in a range of speeds, some up to 15 mph, to let the rider have fun without endangering their health and wellbeing.

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Best INOKIM Electric Scooters – Buying Guide and Reviews

If you’re looking into buying a new electric scooter, what could be better than a classic Inokim electric scooter model? This simple garage project which started in 2009 has now expanded to a full-scale e-scooter business. Inokim’s scooters are characterized by their wide variety. From short-range commuting scooters to professional performance scooters, Inokim offers them all. […]

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