Do you need an Electric Scooter Helmet when Riding ?

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Do you need an Electric Scooter Helmet ? When you’re on the road, safety should be your priority ! Wearing a helmet when you are riding on a scooter can keep you safe from any unwanted incidents. Electric scooters are a lot safer and easier to ride if you compare them to motorcycles. However, you still need to have some safety measures in place to ride with a peace of mind.

Therefore, you need a good quality electric scooter helmet that will keep you safe from any harm on the road. But there is an overwhelming number of electric scooter helmets available on the market, and choosing the right one is a daunting task.

To help you make an informed decision, we will provide you with some of our best electric scooter helmet reviews.

So let’s find out how each one of them performs !

What does US law say about helmets when riding electric scooters?

Electric scooters are a part of the urban culture of many major cities across the globe. But different countries have different rules and regulations associated with the use of helmets. Most scooters come with top speeds of about 25 mph; an accident can cause serious harm. Since there is no universal law, you might be thinking that whether you are required to use an electric scooter helmet or not?

Recently, these scooters have become a massive success in the US. Only five of the states have ruled them to be illegal, or they don’t have any rules regarding them, including Massachusetts and New York. However, helmets are mandatory to wear for the riders, especially if they are under 16.

Out of the remaining 45 states, 11 legally require the riders to wear electric scooters helmets. Oregon and Louisiana made it mandatory for all riders. Whereas, New Jersey and Florida have them mandatory for specific ages. All of the remaining states have made helmets recommendable, or they don’t use them in their law.

But you shouldn’t look to follow a rule when it comes to your safety. There are significantly fewer chances of any head injury when you have your helmet on. Therefore, you don’t need to follow any rule when you are looking to keep yourself safe from any incidents on the road.

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What kind of helmet for Electric Scooter ?

Here we’ll explain to you about the different kinds of electric scooter helmets available on the market so you can pick one according to your ride.

Bike Helmets

If you are riding on something with a top speed of 20 mph and there are low-risk conditions, then you need to wear a helmet with safety standards of a bicycle.

These helmets are lightweight and small in size too. They can be your most comfortable electric scooter helmets. You can go for a foldable electric scooter helmet that you can comfortably store and unfold when required.

The appropriate standards that are applicable in the USA include Snell B95, Snell B90A, and US CPSC Bicycle. All these standards are almost similar to each other, while Snell B95 is stringent.

These standards guide the performance levels upon various impacts, roll-off, and strap tank tests along with the requirements for head coverage.

Bike helmets are great to use for daily commutes. There is no speed or stunts involved here. These are suitable for most riders who are looking for lightweight helmets.

Down Hills / BMX Helmets

If you are looking for more protection, but speed remains under 20 mph, then the downhill helmets should be your choice. These helmets offer high protection, but these are for riders who are not ready for an e-bike or a motorcycle helmet. The safety standards for these helmets to meet are ASTM F2032 and ASTM 1952.

These helmets come with a higher rating for impact if you compare them with the bike helmets. Down hills helmets that have full-face construction come with their chin bars tested for strength as well. Therefore, these helmets provide you with much more safety as compared to the bike helmets.

Still, they are not very awkward if you compare them with a helmet for a motorcycle on an e-bike. These helmets are much lighter, more comfortable, and adequately ventilated as well. 

BMX helmets are great to use with the rides that will have some speeds and stunts. These helmets are preferred to use by most of the pros in this category. And these include professional athletes as well. These helmets offer exceptional safety and protection against any injuries, and you can use them off-road too.

Motorcycle / Moped Electric Scooter Helmet

If you are looking to ride no faster than 20 mph, then you are entering into a riskier environment. Therefore, you will need a helmet that meets the requirements of e-bike standard Dutch NTA8776.

The motorcycle standard Snell M02005 is also applicable here, and so is the Snell M-2010 and DOT FMVSS-218. The latter two will provide you with maximum protection on the road.

Such helmets are large and heavy if you compare them with a bike or a BMX helmet. But these helmets also provide you with the most protection for your head. If you are going for a ride off-road at high speed, then conditions here are risky, and this type of helmet is most suitable to tackle these conditions.

Moped helmets are the best in terms of durability, and you can use them for high-speed rides. They are made to resist crashes and keep your head safe at all times.

Full-face Electric Scooter Helmets

These helmets are very close in construction to the BMX or downhill helmets. There is a chin bar present right in the front of these helmets that extends the jawline and provides safety for your entire face.

Open face helmets are still pretty dangerous because they can’t protect you against severe trauma in a particular crash. It can be in the face of teeth, nose, or chin injury. Moreover, in different types of crashes, various face impacts acne also transmits forces to your brain. Such a helmet type will mitigate these risks up to a great extent.

However, you need to keep in mind that only the helmets that meet the ASTM F1952 for downhill helmets, NTA8776 for e-bike and Snell M-2010, Snell M-2005 and DOT-FMVSS-218 for motorcycles are tested for the strength of their chin bars.

These electric scooter helmets are the toughest of them all, and they also offer great protection. You can use them both on and off the road according to your needs.

Reviews of Top 5 Electric Scooter Helmet

Out of many different types of electric scooter helmets, choosing the right one can become overwhelming. Therefore, we have made things easier for you and have selected our top 5 best electric scooter helmets for your convenience.

We have reviewed them yet in detail to save you time and prevent you from making the wrong decision and end up wasting your money. 

Thousand Bike Helmet

Thousand Bike Helmet Anti-Theft

When you are riding in a hot climate, you need a helmet with proper ventilation. In such a scenario, the Thousand bike helmets can be a great choice. It comes with 3 cooling channels and 7 air vents that keep you cool and comfortable. Additionally, if you love heritage style in the helmet, then this premium helmet is for you.

Here’s the best part… It is certified for CPSC, ASTM F1492, and CE and complies with most of the North American and European safety standards. Thus, it is the safest helmet for electric bikes and skateboards. It features a dial fit integrated system that delivers precise fit.

Furthermore, it features a magnetic fastener, so you can tighten the helmet with one hand. Also, it is equipped with vegan-leather straps that also enhance your safety while you are riding.

Last but not least… This lightweight helmet comes with semi-gloss finish along with moto trim.       

Thousand Adult Bike Helmet - Heritage Collection - Carbon Black, Medium
  • A HELMET YOU’LL WANT TO WEAR: Our founder created the first ever stylish bike helmet to keep people who bike and skate safe, while expressing their personal style. She designed a functional and lightweight helmet that doesn’t sacrifice style for safety.
  • LOCK YOUR HELMET WITH YOUR BIKE: Our patent-pending PopLock is the most convenient way to leave your bicycle helmet behind. Access the hidden channel behind the logo mark, and pop your U-Lock or chain lock through. Perfect for the daily commuter.
  • GET THE PERFECT FIT: Refer to the fit guide in the images to find the correct size. Tighten or loosen your bicycle helmet with our Dial Fit System in the back of your helmet to get the perfect fit for every ride. Doesn’t fit? Contact us!
  • SKATE & BIKE HELMET FOR MEN & WOMEN: A unisex women’s and men’s bike helmet for riding a bicycle, road bike, skateboard, longboard, or e-scooter. Ideal for bike commuting, recreational cycling, and skateboarding.
  • OUR GUARANTEES: Your bike and skateboard helmet is backed by our Anti-Theft and Accident Replacement Guarantees. If your bike helmet is stolen while locked up, or if you get into an accident and damage your helmet, we will replace it for free.


  • Certified for ASTM F1492, CPSC, CE, and other standards.
  • Available in three sizes and seven attractive colors
  • Dial fit system delivers precise fit
  • Leather strap for enhanced safety
  • Offers comfortable and cool riding experience


  • Not suitable for the oval-shaped head
  • Straps are not durable.

Lumos Helmet

Electric Scooter Helmet Lumos Smart Wireless Turn Signal

Visibility is key to a rider’s safety. The Lumos helmet has super bright 10 white and solid 38 red colors LED. The white LEDs are placed on the front side, whereas solid red LED’s are placed in the back. These lights ensure you stand out on the road. Additionally, it comes with a triangular shape and lights assist others in estimating their distances from you better. 

Here’s the best feature… Lumos helmet has a bright right and left turn signals. The riders can activate it through a wireless remote. You have to enhance your hand for signals in those wide turns along with turn signals.

Moreover, your helmet comes with wireless remote control that makes it easy and simple to operate.  A remote has two buttons that have an inbuilt accelerometer that automatically senses whenever you are braking.

This remote is intuitive, removable, rechargeable, weatherproof, and convenient. The sturdy construction makes it reliable and durable.  


  • Both a remote and helmet have rechargeable batteries.
  • A weatherproof and removable remote control is easy to use.
  • Connect it with the smartphone app for using light signals.
  • Features an auto warning light that makes your ride safe.
  • Equipped with bright 38 red and ten white LED’s light.


  • Lights are working for longer periods.
  • Cannot wash it due to electronic lights.

Bell Sanction Full Face Bike Helmet

Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Electric Scooter Helmet

Do you want a full-face helmet? We suggest Bell Sanction bike helmets. It is because of ABS shell manufacturing along with adjustable visors.

This full-face design of helmet offers increased protection, plus the comfort for dirt jump. Besides, it is accessible in 4 sizes and 11 combination colors. Therefore, you can choose what attracts you to a more precise fit.

These helmets are certified for CA-EN 1078 and CPSC bicycles. It is made with low-profile and medium-size weighs 850 grams. You can enjoy your adventure with a unique helmet.

On the other hand, this is suitable for adults, and full-face protects you during riding. It comes with ventilation that circulates airflow in a great way. Now you can enjoy comfortable and cool riding. 

BELL Sanction Adult Full Face Bike Helmet - Matte Blue/Hi-Viz (2022), X-Small (49-50 cm)
  • ABS SHELL CONSTRUCTION with Adjustable Visor.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FULL-FACE - offers comfort and protection for dirt jump or BMX riders who want a smaller size and profile.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Suitable for use on bicycle only. Sizes: X-Small (48-51 cm), Small (52-54 cm), Medium (55-57 cm), and Large (58-60 cm) Sizes. Important: always take a head measurement. Head sizes and shapes can vary, even within an age range. Using a helmet that does not fit can be dangerous; 15 Vents.


  • The full-face design offers protection and comfort for dirt jump.
  • Certified for CPSC, CA-EN 1078, to make it safe.
  • Made with an ABS shell that increases its durability.
  • Comes with an adjustable visor for your convenience.


  • Heavyweight makes it uncomfortable.
  • The padding of the helmet is not long-lasting.

Bell Qualifier Electric Scooter Helmet

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Qualifier is manufacturing a high-performance electric scooter helmet. It has padded in a wind collar that drastically minimizes road and wind noise. Additionally, the cheek area is also contoured with top-notch pads.

What makes this helmet extremely lightweight is the use of ABS and polycarbonate in the construction.

Plus, the interior of the helmet is anti-bacterial and removable. So, you can conveniently remove it and wash it for your protection and cleaning purposes. 

The company gives you a 5-year warranty, along with great customer services. A combination of EPS and 03 shell design delivers a personalized fit.  

It is also coated with anti-fog material, so you can comfortably and safely ride while wearing this full-face helmet. Another good thing is that you can also purchase its accessories to experience a unique adventure.

It comes with matte finishes, and it is accessible in 13 stylish mate colors, plus, the company is manufacturing it in 7 colors that fit on every rider.   

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet (Matte Black - Medium)
  • Helmet shown with optional tinted shield. (Ships with clear shield only)
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate/ABS shell Construction. Padded wind collar drastically reduces wind and road noise
  • NutraFog II UV-protected shield which is a ClickRelease shield for fast, easy and tool-free shield replacement
  • Velocity Flow Ventilation system with FlowAdjust
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard


  • Fit precisely.
  • Full face design provides protection and makes it protected.
  • Made with ABS shell and polycarbonate to make it lightweight.
  • The easiest, tool-free, and fastest shield swaps.
  • A 5-year warranty.


  • Uncomfortable wearing for a longer period.
  • The face shield doesn’t have a lock. 

Ruroc RG1-DX Helmet

ruroc RG1-DX Chrome electric scooter helmet

Ruroc is a full-featured helmet that has a proper ventilation system, magnetically chin strap, and anti-fog lenses.

Also, your purchase comes with a complete accessories kit. The Ruroc RG1-DX kit includes a helmet with a bag, high-impact mask, Magloc goggle system, goggle bag, bottle opener, sticker pack, survival guide, extra padding, X-mount, and X-visor.

Another good thing is that it is completely certified for plenty of snow sports. Thus, you can wear it during versatile sports.

Apart from that, it features ABS shell, Magloc goggles, RAID-EPS liner, magnetic lenses, and RECCO rescue avalanche technology.

Here’s the best part… You can mount an action camera beneath the visor of the Ruroc RG1-DX.  It is also compatible with the company Shock-wave Bluetooth audio liner.  


  • Features Fidlock chin magnetic strap for easiest and fastest tighten.
  • Equipped with RECCO rescue avalanche technology.
  • Compatible with shock-wave Bluetooth audio.
  • Comes with a complete accessories kit.
  • Available in 3 sizes.   


  • Not an affordable option for all riders.
  • Heavyweight makes it a little bit uncomfortable.

Best Scooter Helmet Buying Guide

Choosing the right kind of electric scooter helmet is critical for your on-road safety. Therefore, you need to make your decision with a lot of care. For this, you need to keep in mind some important aspects associated with the matter of buying these electric scooter helmets.

You need to choose according to the needs and requirements of your ride. Considering these points in your mind will guarantee that you won’t end up overspending in any scenario.


When you are on the road, the comfort of your gear and accessories is the key. They should be a perfect fit. When you have your helmet on, you shouldn’t worry that it will fall off anytime.

But you also need to make sure that it is not too tight on your head and that wearing it makes you extremely uncomfortable. If you are not 100% comfortable while sitting on your ride, then these circumstances will lead to an accident on the road.


Sometimes, these helmets might feel to be very suffocating, and this is particularly the case when there is a ventilation system in it.

If you live in a moist climate or are looking to use your electric scooter in such a climate: consider going for a helmet that features vents and supports proper airflow. These features will enable you to ride with your helmet even in the moist or warm conditions.


Of course, you don’t want your helmet to be oversized and heavyweight. It is because you won’t feel comfortable in your head. It will especially be the case if you love to ride for long hours.

Even for a short and simple ride, things can get pretty tiring pretty quickly. So, you need to go for a helmet that is extremely light in weight. But it shouldn’t compromise on any of the safety features either.


When we talk about safety, then we are talking about high-quality materials. And when a manufacturer has used high-quality materials in safety equipment, then it is bound to be durable and robust under various conditions. Durable and high quality materials ensure that your head remains protected at all times.


Padding is a critical aspect of any helmet because it adds to the overall comfort. This padding is lined within the lid of a helmet. Your helmet will snug fit you, and it will not allow your head to move while keeping it safe from any impacts. Wearing helmets for long hours can irritate due to sweating.

With the padding in place, sweats will be mopped, and you will feel fresh and comfortable at all times. In most cases, you can remove this padding too, and some models even come with extra padding to get the right fit. You need to go for the right amount of padding that will keep you safe and comfortable as well.


The strap of your helmet needs to be fully adjustable, and it should be effortless to use. It should be designed in such a manner that you can make your adjustments with your single hand while you can ride safely and keep your eye on the road as well.

It is one of the crucial features of an electric scooter helmet. Still, in most cases, it gets overlooked by the people. Make sure that you do not ignore this feature of the helmet that you are considering.

Listing of helmet safety standards

Here are some electric scooter helmet standards listed down for your assistance in order from the least to the most rigorous.

EN1078 (Bicycle)

It is the EU standard for bicycle helmets, and it is the least rigorous of all. However, this type of helmet is pretty solid to use in the EU. They are not up to the minimum software requirements that are applicable in the US. 

US-CPSC (Bicycle)

US-CPSC is the minimum standard to sell a bike helmet within the US, and it came into being back in 1999. It is the minimum safety requirement in the US.

Snell-B90A (Bicycle)

This bike helmet standard came from SMF (Snell Memorial Foundation). It is very close to the US-CPSC standard in terms of safety rules.

Snell-B95 (Bicycle)

SMF also established this standard for bike helmet safety, and it is the most rigorous of all for bike helmet safety standards. However, there are very few helmets that are Snell-B95 certified.

ASTM-F1952 (Downhill bicycle)

This standard for downhill electric scooter helmets and ASTM International (American Society for Testing Materials) is a more stringent standard than any other standard. And it also includes the provisions for the chin bar if a helmet has it.

ASTM-F2032 (BMX)

This standard was also established by the ASTM International, and it is very close in the provisions to the ASTM-F1952.

Dutch NTA8776 (E-bike)

It is the standard that is more stringent than any other bike, downhill, or BMX standards. Several helmets in this category are certified with this standard. 

DOT FMVSS218 (Motorcycle)

This standard was brought into the industry by the US Department of Transportation, and it is the minimum requirement for a motorcycle helmet within the US. Therefore, it is more demanding than any e-bike BMX or bike standard.

Snell M2010/M2015 (Motorcycle)

Both these standards were introduced by Snell, and they both are the most stringent of tests for motorcycles helmet standards.

Final Word about Electric Scooter Helmet

When choosing an electric scooter helmet, you need to make sure that it meets all the safety requirements and is made with high-quality materials.

All-in-all, the best electric scooter helmet that you can find on the market is the Adult Bike Helmet by Thousand that comes with an anti-theft guarantee. It is available in different color schemes and sizes so you can pick one according to your style and preferences.

It meets the safety standards of US-CPSC, ASTM-F1492, and CE. Therefore, it meets most of the safety standards set by the US and EU regulatory authorities. It comes with a dial fitting for more precision in comfort. The helmet itself is pretty light and has a low-profile visor.

So which one of these helmets have you tried and which one of your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

In the same time feel free to discover the 13 Best Electric Scooter Accessories every rider should consider buying.

Be safe!

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Braddock - September 15, 2021

Yes, you should always wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter. Electric scooters, even budget ones, allow you to ride at your maximum speed most of the time. Most electric scooters will do at least 15 mph and many can exceed 30 mph. Falls and accidents can happen at any time and therefore you always need to wear a helmet.


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