How to upgrade your electric scooter with Carbon Revo accessories?

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All electric scooter owners love their scooters, but some want to make a style statement to make it stand out. There is so much you can add to your electric scooter. You can either completely change the look with a paint job or can focus only on those small details like bar grips or tapes. If you have some experience in your DIY projects, you can also hand paint your frames.

If you own an expensive electric scooter from brands like Zero, Inokim, Speedway, or Dualtron, then you might use or have heard about Carbon Revo accessories. Carbon Revo specializes in designing and development of top-notch carbon fiber accessories for electric scooters and automobiles.

If you want to explore some DIY options, then you need to consider Carbon Revo accessories.

Why customize your electric scooter?

There are various reasons why you need to customize your electric scooter. Be it old or new, you need to get the design practically working for you. You might need to customize your scooter for different reasons, but the following three are the most common ones why people do it.

For better style

Sometimes the manufacturers get the model right, but there are times when you are more impressed with the specs that are under the hood. In such a scenario, you need to go for customizing those decks and add some more details to those sliders.

Different manufacturers also focus on different areas of a scooter. Some focus more on interiors while others focus on the looks. But in many cases, even the high-end brands tend to forget about using quality accessories like mudguards or grips.

Now, as you have invested in your scooter, if it doesn't look like what you want, then you won't be too happy about it. In such a scenario, you will need to go for customization of your electric scooter to make sure that it represents your style. You will feel more attached to your electric scooter once it portrays the true depiction of your personality.

Most people love to go for matching colors because these matching accessories add a lot to how your scooter looks like in the end. Some people are cool with the contrasts, others look for matching parts and accessories.

How to upgrade your electric scooter carbon revo

Make it more practical

Looks are not always the top priority. Some of you also prefer to customize your electric scooter because it is not the right size. You might even go for one that is better suited for various activities for which you have bought an e-scooter in the first place.

Maybe, you need an electric scooter to tow something behind. In such a scenario, the scooters need a good quality tow handle for transportation. Maybe you need an electric scooter to carry stuff from the supermarket, or maybe you need it at work.

In this case, you will need some kind of storage option available on your electric scooter as well. Most of the scooters don't come with such kinds of storage compartments or features. You might have to be innovative and add the space yourself.

You can go for a rear box to store stuff or have it right in front of you at the bottom of the handlebar. Another size feature that you can alter is the extension of that stem of your electric scooter's handlebar. You can make it higher if you think that you have to bend while standing on it.

Give your golden oldie a contemporary look

Another reason why you need to customize your electric scooter is that it has gotten old, and instead of getting rid of it, you want to give it a new look. That's okay because some electric scooter users are very caring towards their scooter, and they take proper care of it.

Timely repair and maintenance is the primary reason these scooters continue to perform over time. The new ones are focused more on speed while the old ones were more robust. If durability and sturdiness are one of the top features of your electric scooter, and that is why you won't get rid of it, then you need to give it a new look.

Over time, you tend to get used to your e-scooter, and you are more comfortable with it. Hence, to keep the look of your electric scooter as new as ever, you need to go for customization. With the new look, you will fall in love with your scooter all over again, and now you can get more miles out of it.

electric scooter customization carbon revo

How to custom your electric scooter with Carbon Revo Accessories?

Carbon Revo is the best brand for you to consider when it comes to accessories. Now, there are so many accessories available for you to explore, finding the right one to meet your needs is essential.

Therefore, in this section, we will describe different types of Carbon Revo accessories and see which one of them is good for you to use on your electric scooter.

Carbon Revo Mudguards and Rear hugger

Carbon Revo mudguards are one of the top accessories that you can use to alter the looks of your electric scooter. Why? They are usually the first things to be prominent on your electric scooter. The mudguards from the brand are made of high-quality carbon fiber. Most of these mudguards have two different finishes on each side.

One of the sides has glossy while the other one has a matte finish. Carbon Revo has been designed to be aerodynamic, and you don't need any drilling either. You can also use them to fit aftermarket tires. And of course, there are different colors available to choose from.

Carbon Revo rear huggers are available in different types. These huggers will ensure that there are no water splashes, and you can adjust them both in terms of angle and distance. You can use it with your Carbon Revo mudguard as well.

And the best part is that you don't need any modifications. Your purchase will include all the screws and washers too. Carbon Revo has used high-quality 3D printing service to create these huggers, and in quality, they are second to none.

mudguard dualtron carbon revo

Carbon Revo Decks

When it comes to your electric scooter decks, you can purchase various products from Carbon Revo. You can either do it for a deck, change the deck liner or deck cover if you want. It's up to you which level of customizations you would like to go for.

Carbon Fiber deck

When you are not on your electric scooter, your deck will be the most visible thing in your entire vehicle. Carbon Revo Decks are available in a huge variety. Most of the recent models of these decks have LED lights in them. Your electric scooter will look marvelous no matter what the design has in it.              

The best feature about installing these decks is that you will not require any wiring skills or knowledge to get the job done. Just plug them into your external battery, and you're ready to go for a ride.

That's not all… You can even add custom texts, in some models.

carbon revo dualtron deck led

Deck cover

Want to change a deck cover? No problem. You can choose from different types of deck covers according to your liking and preferences. Your purchase of carbon deck covers will also include washers, and you won't have to purchase them separately. You can either choose a 3mm or a 5mm thick cover.

You can also change the colors of the washers. By default, you will see a blank design. Therefore, you can make your choice from the available designs or go for your own if you want. There will be separate charges for the designs of your choice.

carbon revo zero 9 deck cover

Deck liner

Another option available for you to explore from Carbon Revo is that you can use a deck liner as well. If you own a Dualtron electric scooter, then you are in luck, because these Carbon Deck liners are only available for said brand. It is available in three different sizes.

Therefore, you need to be sure and check the size of your Dualtron deck before you buy a liner from Carbon Revo. There is a small and thin trim right around the original deck, and you don't have to replace the original metal deck.

You need to install this line underneath the original deck of your electric scooter. Your purchase will include an LED liner, strips, controller, and a remote.

Tow handle and Kiddy bar

If you are looking for a tow handle for your electric scooter, then you can visit Carbon Revo website. You'll find different types, and they all have a very sturdy design. Similarly, you can also go for different kinds of kiddy bars as well.

A tow handle will be useful for you if you are going to tow something behind your electric scooter. Apart from that, you can also use kiddy bars to use on the stem of your handle. If your kid is going to ride with you on your ride, then this accessory will be very useful for you.

carbon revo dualtron 3 Tow Handle

Stem and Fiber Tube

Stem adapters and extensions are also available if you are looking to alter the height of your electric scooter. And if you are interested in fiber tubes, then you can find them at Carbon Revo in different designs.

The tubes are available in 2 lengths, including 100mm and 200mm, whereas. Stem adapter and extensions are also available.

Carbon Revo Rear Box

You can find some good quality rear boxes from Carbon Revo. The brackets available at CarbonRevo are all powder coated for durability.

You can add a box to your electric scooter and place your personal belongings there. If you have an older electric scooter, then you will have to drill some holes to fix this bracket. You can purchase the boxes separately because they won't with the purchase of your bracket.

electric scooter Rear Box Bracket carbon revo

Brake Bracket

Carbon Revo also has a variety of brake brackets for all the models of Dualtron, excluding Ultra (what about the Dualtron Storm or the Dualtron Ultra 2 ?). The company has used high-quality carbon fiber in the construction of these brake brackets. The brakes will be lighter but still stronger.

And the best part is that you can fit these brackets both with rear or front brakes. Your purchase will include the lock nuts, and you won't have to make any modifications at all.


Each of the set sliders available at Carbon Revo has four pieces in them. These sliders will take care of the side covers of your electric scooter and the deck from scratches in case of an unfortunate event. The installation process is very simple, and you won't have to do much as these sliders are plug & play.

You don't need any modification or drilling in your scooter. But make sure that you don't remove those screws from the side cover or they are missing a spacer. You might have to deal with the risk of battery puncture

Final Word on Carbon Revo

No matter what's your reason to customize and upgrade your electric scooter, there are always new options to explore. No matter what kind of customization you are looking for, Carbon Revo is there for you. Carbon Revo accessories are one of the best available on the market in terms of quality and performance.

They are effortless to install, and some of them even come with customization options. No matter what type of upgrade you want, Carbon Revo has got you covered. All these accessories and parts available from the store are tested for quality assurance. And no matter what your requirements are, Carbon Revo has got you covered.

So which one of these accessories are you going to use for your electric scooter upgrade? Let us know by leaving your comments below!

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