Best Levy Electric Scooter – Complete Guide 2021

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Gadgets that come with inbuilt batteries can be inconvenient, especially if you don't have immediate means to recharge them. Similar is the case with electric scooters. Imagine you're on your way to work or have fun, and suddenly you realize you are out of juice. That would be an ultimate bummer. 

How good would it be if your electric scooter came with a battery that you can replace with a spare one? That would be nice, no! Well, thanks to Levy because they have introduced their electric scooter that comes with an extra swappable battery that you can replace in time of need. 

It will ensure you don't get left stranded right in the middle, and you can extend its battery time for longer. But what else does it bring to the table! 

Keep reading to find everything about it in our Levy scooter review.

Best Levy Electric Scooter Review

The number one feature of this Levy electric scooter is its replaceable battery. But that is not all on offer here! This scooter also comes with a foldable design and features a powerful motor. Let's discuss some of the essential features this scooter comes with.

logo levy scooter

Levy Original Electric Scooter

levy electric scooter original

This electric scooter by Levy allows you to ride with confidence. It comes with a quick folding design and has a very lightweight construction that will enable you to carry it with you no matter where you go comfortably. It folds relatively compact as well, so you can conveniently store it. 

The electric scooter also comes with an IP54 waterproof rating and features a fire-proof battery case. It means your ride is perfectly safe, and you don't need to worry about being in the rain or overheating. 

This Levy scooter boasts a dual braking system, and the front end features electric ABS brakes. The rear end comes with a disc braking mechanism. So, you have potent brakes at your disposal to stop you on a dime, even at top speed. 

An LCD tells you about the battery range and speed with the help of an onboard computer. Apart from that, the scooter also features a 350W motor that peaks out at 700W. You can ride it at a top speed of 18 miles an hour. It gives you a mileage of 10 miles per charge. 

The scooter only weighs around 27 lbs, and it features 8.5-inch pneumatic tubeless tires that absorb shock on rough terrains very well. Though the scooter is made for concrete surfaces, it can handle potholes and debris very well. Plus, there is a tail lamp and an LED light on the front to keep you safe even in gloomy conditions so other drivers and people can see you.

Levy Plus Electric Scooter

levy plus detachable battery

There's another version of the Original Levy Electric Scooter: the Levy Electric Scooter Plus. The primary difference between these two models is that it comes with a bigger battery and provides more mileage. The rest of the features are almost the same, with a few differences. 

With a bigger Levy electric scooter battery, this model will provide you with a mileage of 20 miles per charge, but the top speed remains 18 miles an hour. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for longer distances. Of course, this battery will take longer to charge (3.5 hours) than the original model's battery (2.5 hours). With a bigger battery, the overall weight of the electric scooter also increases.

The floorboards get half an inch higher here from the original model, thanks to the 10-inch pneumatic tires. It means that you have better road clearances and will experience a more comfortable ride. Everything else is similar in this model to the original one. 

Levy Plus electric scooter is made of aviation aluminum alloy and comes with a max load capacity of 230 lbs. There is an electric braking system on the front end and a disc braking system on the rear end. The machine features a 350W motor that peeks out at 700W, and there are a tail and headlamp present on it. The scooter boasts an IP54 water resistivity rating and comes with a fire-proof battery casing.

Levy Electric Scooter Buying Guide

Having a close look at the features, you can see that some specs might disappoint you in various regards, especially its price. Therefore, you might end looking for a Levy scooter discount code because of that.

But this ride isn't made for everyone out there. Levy has made this scooter for a daily commuter or anyone who likes to have fun with friends. Let's have a look at these models by Levy and see what you can achieve with them.

levy scooter lcd dashboard

Structure & Waterproof rating

Let's further this Levy electric scooter review and talk about its structure. Levy has used aviation-grade aluminum alloy in the construction of this scooter. It means that the scooter is not only robust but is pretty lightweight

Therefore, you can comfortably carry it from one place to another. It also has a foldable design so that you can store it away with comfort. The folding mechanism works pretty smoothly, and you won't have to put in a lot of effort to get it done. 

Additionally, this scooter is entirely waterproof with an IP54 rating and can handle rain very well. Apart from that, you also won't have to deal with overheating issues no matter how much you ride it. Because the battery comes with a fire-proof casing.

Motors & Batteries

The brushless motors of both models are the same. They both come with 350W normal capacities and peek out at 700W. It means that your ride will be pretty powerful, and with both the models, you can reach up to a top speed of 18 miles an hour. 

However, the batteries of the two models are different. The Levy Original comes with a 230 watt-hour battery, while the one in the Levy Plus scooter has 430 watt-hour.

However, with a bigger battery, the Levy Plus will take longer to charge (3.5 hours) than the Levy Original (2.5 hours). But the Levy Plus scooter gives you a mileage of 20 miles an hour compared to the 10 miles an hour mileage of the Original Levy.

levy scooter disc brake

Brakes & Suspensions

Both Levy Original and Levy Plus come with the same type of brake system. They both come with a dual braking mechanism with an electric ABS brake on the front end and a disc brake system on the rear end. It means they have good stopping power. 

But when it comes to suspension, you might feel disappointed as neither of the two models comes with any suspension system. However, you will feel pretty comfortable on both scooters, thanks to their pneumatic tubeless tires. Levy Plus is better in terms of comfort because it comes with 10-inch tires instead of the 8.5-inch tires in the Levy Original.

Customer Service & Replacement Parts

Levy is a quality brand, and it promptly addresses the issues that its customers face while using its scooters. Support is available to assist your seven days a week, and you can either give them a call or write an email. They will get back to you with a response in no time. 

The company also backs its products and stands behind them for the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. The company will cover all your replacement costs and repairs within the first six months of your purchase. And if you are looking for a refund, you can send your Levy electric scooter back within two weeks from the date of purchase. 

All the parts and accessories of your Levy electric scooter are available from Levy. These include tires, inner tubes, side fenders, throttle assembly, front fender, motor, tire valve, hand brake, backend wheelset, kickstand, LCD, and so much more.

Levy Scooter Specs

 Levy OriginalLevy Plus
Max. speed18 mph19 mph
Range10 miles16 to 20 miles
Motor nominal power350W350W
Motor max. power700W700W
Battery nominal capacity230 Wh430 Wh
Charging time2.5 hours3.5 hours
BrakesABS and mechanical rear brakeABS and mechanical rear brake
Weight27 lbs30 lbs
IP RatingIP54IP54
Wheel size8.5 inch10 inch
Tirestubeless or solid tirespneumatic tires

Levy Scooter Fleet

You can also use ride-share service by Levy electric scooter NYC. This service is geared towards the residents of hotels, apartments, and working professionals. Property owners can use this service to provide their residents and guests with these electric scooters as an add-on service. 

Insurance for the full fleet as well as the riders is available as well. And the company will also take care of fleet maintenance and repairs. Your fleet will again come with helmets and charging equipment. The guests or residents will only have to download the app and get their payment method and driver's license verified. 

A rider agreement along with safety tutorials will be provided to them within the app. They will only have to reserve their scooter, unlock it and start the ride. The property owners will get an utterly self-managing reservation system as well.

levy scooter test

FAQ on Levy Scooters

How to turn on the light on a Levy electric scooter?

To turn the lights on, you will have to double tap your menu button on the scooter's throttle. When you double-tap on it again, the light will go off. The blinking tail lamp will always be on for safety reasons, and it will turn on when you hit the brakes and go off when you release them. If these lights don't work in this manner, you need to see a Levy repairman fix them.

Where can I download the Levy electric scooter manual?

If you are looking to download the latest edition of the User Manual for your Levy Original electric scooter, you can download it here

And if you are looking to download the latest edition of the User Manual for your Levy Plus electric scooter, you can click here

This Levy electric scooter manual has the most recent information about these models' specifications and other information.

Is there a lock provided with a Levy scooter?

Being lightweight, these electric scooters are prone to theft, but you can sort that out with an electric scooter lock. Unfortunately, both these scooters don't come with a Levy scooter lock. And with that type of price, you should have got a lock as well. 

However, you will have to buy a folding scooter lock for your ride separately right here. It's a pretty sturdy lock and is made of alloy steel that has an ABS plastic coating. With this lock, you will get a storage case, three keys, and a mounting strap. 

Is there a warranty?

Both Levy electric scooters come with a 6-month warranty, and they will be applicable from the date of your purchase. This warranty will cover all repairs and replacements and other quality issues with the materials or workmanship. 

Apart from that, the company also has a 14-day money-back guarantee if you don't like your Levy electric scooter. The company stands behind all its products and fully backs them. If you compare this warranty with other electric scooter brands, it's pretty standard, but it might seem on a bit lower side for the price.

Final Word

In the conclusion of this Levy scooter review, we will say that both the Original Levy and the Levy Plus are designed for young riders for commuting or just having fun. These scooters are resistant to water, and their batteries also have a fire-proof casing. 

They both come with powerful motors and an excellent stopping system. The Levy Plus has a bigger battery, and it will give you more mileage, in any case. These scooters are made with aviation-grade aluminum alloy and are durable for daily use. 

The Levy Plus is more comfortable than the original model because it features big tires, but the Original is lighter than the Upgrade, and it takes less time to charge. You might think that these scooters are a bit on the expensive side. But the company has used quality materials in the construction that are durable and make your scooter safe to ride. 

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