Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills : Top 3 on the market in 2021

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Well, you’ve decided to use wheels to commute so as to save time and energy. You might also be planning on going for a ride to enjoy some gorgeous views. That said, there’s a problem. You live in harsh terrain, and the commute is pretty rugged. No worries, since you can find yourself the best electric scooter for climbing hills !

If you are thinking of getting an electric scooter to commute in hilly areas, then you’ll have to get one with the ability to climb slopes. However, if you wish to climb mountains instead, you’ll have to look for a specific mountain scooter. Otherwise, basic electric scooters will do the trick.

The best electric scooter for climbing hills should have some features that can help you over any rugged road. Whether your priority is more power, or something a bit simple for casual strolling, it can be hard to choose which one to get. Below we’ve listed our picks for the best electric scooter for climbing hills on the market.

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Reviews of 3 Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills

1. NANROBOT D4+ Electric Scooter

nanrobot d4 Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills

NANROBOT is a company based in China that offers up to 15 different electric scooters on the market. The D4+ is one of its most popular products since it has a powerful motor and great features that manage to impress people with the scooter’s overall power and range.

D4+ Review

The NANROBOT D4+ scooter is quick, powerful, and very sturdy for an electric scooter. With regards to its speed though, most users would recommend that riders be very careful if they intend on getting to the peak speed of 40 mph.

The scooter comes with two strong 1000-Watt motors, each in one wheel. It also has a range of 70 km or around 44 miles. For safety and security, the wheels come with receptive double disc brakes, 10-inch air tires, plus shock absorbers. These are really important if you plan to go off-road onto rocky paths.

The scooter also has some other great features, mainly an LCD screen as well as LED head and tail lights. You can even purchase the seat alone or with the D4+. The NANROBOT doesn’t have every feature that some other electric scooters may have, but it does provide you with the essentials so that you can feel safe while climbing uphill.


  • Great speed performance
  • Sturdy for any setting
  • High power output


  • Expensive
  • Long brake cable

2. Dualtron Thunder Scooter

dualtron thunder minimotors for Climbing Hills

The Dualtron Thunder offers a stylish, quick and secure way of commuting, without ever having to worry about traffic or climbing hills. You can enjoy steady speeds without getting tired. It is comfortable thanks to the large wheels and high impact suspension system.

Thunder Review

The scooter has a powerful BLDC double hub motor, with a power of 5400W. It can propel you forward as fast as 40 mph, for a peak range of 80 miles. It comes with a high-capacity 60-Volt battery, with 3 AUX ports that will allow you to charge it up quicker.

The default charger of 2A should be capable of charging completely in about ten hours. The second 4A port can finish charging the battery in around six hours, and finally the last 6.5A port will have your scooter running in just three hours.

With its double complete suspension and big 10 inches 4PR tires, you get to have greater control over the scooter even at top speed, so you won’t have to worry about bumps in your path even if the route is uneven.

The double disk brake and electronic brake work simultaneously once you push the brake lever. This will bring you to a stop safely at any point. Meanwhile, with its double LED head, tail, and brake lights, you’ll be able to give quickly visible signals and even go for a hillside ride during the night.


  • Smart LCD display
  • Adjustable speed
  • Robust wheels


  • Can be heavy
  • Not good for rainy weather

3. QIEWA Q1 Hummer

QIEWA Q1 Hummer Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills

The QIEWA Q1 functions great in both cities and off-grid hills. It is ideal for adults and teens above the age of 16. A scooter is definitely an enjoyable option for most people.

QIEWA Q1 Review

The scooter feels quite heavy once it is unboxed. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it shows high quality and strong framework. You can compromise on extra weight so long as you get a durable travel option that exceeds in performance and quality.

The Qiewa scooter has a huge distance range of 60 miles per charge and a good speed limit of 35 mph. Some scooters come with a higher speed limit, but at the price of the Q1, it’s hard not to go with such a dependable option. It mainly comes down to your own preference in terms of budget versus speed.

The scooter has dual headlights on its handle and one taillight for better visibility. It has a similar double shock system like the QIEWA Qmini, but works much better than the latter. To improve comfort even more, it has 10-inch air wheels to make your commutes smoother.

That said, safety is a more important criterion. That’s why the Q1 comes equipped with front and rear disc brakes. Sadly, you will have to adjust them occasionally, so as to get the ideal sensitive braking.


  • Precise distance per charge
  • Good shock absorption
  • Strong torque


  • Heavy
  • Longer charge time



One of the main thing to check before buying an off road electric scooter is the suspensions. They help balance your weight when riding on an inclined surface. 

When driving uphill, the weight of your body push on the rear wheel of the scooter. With bad suspensions you could loose balance if the weight is not well distributed.

Climbing Angle

If you want to go off road you will need a scooter with a climbing angle over 20 degrees. Top of the class scooters like NANROBOT D4+ and Dualtron Thunder even support load charge up to a 30 degrees inclination.

Two other key features to have in mind when buying an e-scooter for climbing hills are the battery and the power of the motors. As you already know an electric scooter is driven by the engine so you need a powerful one to go uphill. The best option is to choose a dual motor model like the Dualtron.

When riding off road, the mileage of the scooter will be negatively impacted by the energy lost in operating it upwards. In order to keep a regular range the best scooters in hilly roads must have a motor power of over 800W and a battery of at least 36V.

Best Electric Scooter for Climbing Hills - FINAL VERDICT

The title of the best electric scooter for climbing hills goes to the Dualtron Thunder for its overall speed and safety. In addition, it comes with strong motors which makes the commute on hills so much easier.

It’s likely that people looking for an electric scooter to climb hills will want a comfortable ride to avoid the dangers of rugged terrains and steep slopes in hilly areas. With this product’s shock absorption system, it’s clear to see why it’s the winner.

Also adding to that is its degree of durability. Being designed for accidents in rural and hilly regions, the shock absorbers and strong build are important for comfortably commuting in such areas.

Hang on, dear readers, we are not quite done. Our bonus pick for the best electric scooter for climbing hills is the NANROBOT D4+. This model is big enough to hold two motors and you get great battery charging options. Despite the weight, it is built with strong wheels for top-of-the-line stability. It also offers adjustable wheels.

Last but not least, if you like our top pick, the Dualtron Thunder but desire more accurate DPC, check out the QIEWA Q1.

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