13 Best Electric Scooter Accessories you should consider buying

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What about electric scooter accessories ? Electric scooters are becoming essential for daily commuting. Since they run on electricity, they are eco-friendly, and due to their lightweight construction, they're highly portable. And not to forget about the fun part of riding them! 

Some of these E-scooters allow you to ride on different terrains as well. Because they are delightful, you might be eager to get on yours and start riding right away. 

But not so fast! These scooters are prone to accidents, so be careful while riding. 

Here are the 13 best electric scooter accessories every rider needs!

1. Helmet - Best electric scooter accessory

helmet best electric scooter accessories

As soon as you've bought your electric scooter, it's time to start looking for your new helmet as well. Your helmet will keep your head safe due to any crash on your e-scooter. It can be your ultimate lifesaver (and in some countries it is not legal to ride a scooter without it).

The most common of the injuries that e-scooter riders have to deal with are head trauma, bone fractures, and other cuts and bruises. Additionally, the communal accidents on an e-scooter include a fall, a collision with another object, and another vehicle hit. 

In each of these circumstances, your electric scooter helmet can keep you safe from any fatal injuries. But there are all kinds of helmets available on the market. Picking the right one can be a bit tough if you don't know what to look for. As it is directly associated with your safety. Therefore, you don't need to cheap out on this electric scooter accessory. 

You need to go for a quality product based on the speed of the e-scooter that you are going to ride. If you're going to ride most of the time at less than 20 miles an hour and, of course, you depend on smooth terrain, then a regular bike helmet will suffice. These helmets are comfortable to wear and are lightweight.

If you are looking for more safety and protection, you need to go for a more reliable and more durable helmet. In this scenario, you need to look for a downhill helmet that is very much like a regular bike helmet but will provide additional protection. 

For the riding speeds of over 20 miles an hour and going on bumpy terrain, you should go for a motorbike bike helmet heavier than the two that we have just talked about. The best protection comes from full-face helmets.

2. Lights for e-scooter - Essential electric scooter accessory

There is no need to explain that when we need lights on our vehicles, no matter what we are driving or riding. These lights allow us to see in the dark and highlight our presence to others on the road.

If you have some riding or driving experience, you will notice how a small vehicle or even a bike can surprise you out of nowhere if it doesn't have a light on it. It is an essential to be seen in the traffic, and these lights allow others to see you from a distance. It is among the must-have electric scooter accessories.

Front lights

A quality front light will allow others in front of you to see you riding and maintain a safe distance. It also allows you to see in dark and gloomy conditions or when the light is not right. Some designs for these font lights are detachable, while others are permanent. 

You can go with either of the designs but make sure you look for a decent piece to get the best value out of what you have spent. In this situation, there are two options for you to exploit. You can either go for an affordable front light or a top-quality font light. 

The IPSXP Flashlight is an affordable option for you to explore because it has a waterproof construction and performs well in the dark and broad daylight. Lezyne Drive is another option you can go for if you want a top-quality front light on your electric scooter. These are some of the good electric scooter accessories. 

Some of the front lights are also useful when the conditions are foggy. Therefore, you can use them when visibility is low. This way, you can alert others that you are around and see them. Ultimately, it will help in reducing any chances of mishaps.

front light scooter

Rear lights

It's not just about seeing in the front and completing ignoring what on your back. The people who are coming up on you from the back need to see you in front of them to maintain a safe distance from you. 

Therefore, you not only need good light in front of you but also on your rear end. There are various options that you can go for. You can choose a light that you can attach to your helmet or attach it to your bike.

You can use your backpack for this purpose as well. These lights can help you stay safe in high traffic conditions. Again you have two options here. You can choose an affordable rear light just like the Don Peregrino, or you can go for a high-quality rear end light like the Lezyne Drive Light Strip.

3. Locks - Thief-proof electric scooter accessories

People use e-scooters for commuting or doing errands. And, of course, you will have to leave your e-scooter outside at some point because most of the businesses don't allow you to bring these scooters in. 

Due to their lightweight construction and easy to carry design, these scooters get stolen quite often. Therefore, you need to use a lock for them. And the good thing is, there are three different types of locks available that you can use with your electric scooter. 

How To Lock An Electric Scooter

Cable Lock

It is the most common type of lock that is frequently used by bicycle and motorbike owners. These locks are pretty lightweight and are extremely easy to carry around. Due to their flexibility, you can conveniently secure your scooter and work around different angles. 

These locks either come with a combination to secure the lock, or you can use a key for the same purpose as well. But the thing with these locks is that they are pretty easy to cut, so these locks will not perform well in high-risk regions where thieves can experiment whatever the heck they want.

Chain Lock

The chain lock is a noticeable upgrade from the cable lock, where a chain replaces the cable. Therefore cutting this clock will take some more time as compared to cutting a cable lock. Flexibility remains the same, but these locks are far more awkward to carry because of their weight compared to cable locks. 

These locks have padlocks at the end and are more secure than their cable counterparts. These locks are frequently used by bike and motorbike owners, and using this lock is pretty simple. You will need a key to unlock this lock, but some also come with a combination lock.

Cuff Lock

Cuff locks are not very commonly used, and they are comparatively more expensive than chain and cable locks. But they are far more secure and tough to break as well. 

But you need to have the right length of this cuff lock. If the lock is too lengthy, it becomes far more vulnerable, but the shortest length is challenging to apply and pick as well. These locks can vary in terms of strength and security.

And you can only use them with keys. These locks are so secure that even motorbike and moped owners use them to keep their rides safe. It's among the coolest electric scooter for adults accessories.

4. Bell & Horn - Useful accessories for scooters

horn electric scooter

Just like your traditional vehicles have lights and horns, your e-scooter needs to have your lights and a bell or a horn as well. Therefore, as it is a small-sized vehicle, you won't need a horn on it, and a bell will suffice. 

You can use this bell to alert pedestrians and other riders to clear the path. As you will not use your scooter on the road, you won't need a horn on it. You can always go for one if you are going to use your scooter on the road. 

The modern bells and horns are available in different types. But you need to keep in mind that your horn or bell should be clear to hear. The sound can be different, but it always needs to be clear and, of course, loud.

But don't go for too loud bells or horns because they can startle other people. Glodorm Electronic Bell and Vanfrost Electronic Bell are two of the best options that you can go for.

5. Gloves - Safety accessories for electric scooters

safety electric scooter accessories

Gloves will be a better option for chillier weather, and they will keep you safe from the weather more than the road. But they are useful in preventing any cuts or bruises. If you ride at high speeds, you need to wear these gloves and wear arm guards. 

But west guards are at times too discomforting, and they prevent you from controlling your e-scooter. Therefore, the better option for you is to wear gloves. They need to come with the appropriate amount of thickness. But if you keep your scooter slow, then a regular pair of gloves will be more than enough.

If you tend to fall a lot, you should go for gloves designed for electric skateboarding. InBike MTB silicone gloves and InBike Cycling Gloves are the two best options that you can use for e-scooting. 

6. Eye protection - Optional

buy electric scooter parts accessories

Eye protection might not be needed if you already own a full-face helmet. Bright sunlight can affect your vision and can jeopardize the safety of your ride. Rain, bugs, and wind will also make it difficult for you to ride without eye protection. 

Therefore, you need to go for a pair of sunglasses to protect you from all these elements. So it's time to choose the best pair based on lens tint. For instance, yellow tints are good for cloudy days because they filter out blue light and enhance overall brightness. For sunny days you need to go for black, brown, grey, or green tints. 

If you go for expensive and high-quality glasses, then they will work well for all weathers. There are glasses available to wrap the lenses. And if rain is more of a concern to you, you can choose the hydrophobic lenses.

Also, please focus on the fitting of the frame because it should be loose or overly tight. A pair of good quality sunglasses come from X-TIGER. They are designed for baseball, but they work for electric scooting.

7. Phone Holder - Good-to-have escooter accessories

phone holder e scooter

Maybe you don't have a look at your phone when you are riding, but you will find a phone holder very handy even if you don't do that. In case of an emergency, you will have direct access to your phone and don't have to reach out to your pocket. 

Your entire focus will remain on the road during this time. So, a phone holder on your e-scooter is a pretty useful accessory. These holders go on your handlebar, and they will hold your smartphone in place. Sizing is an essential factor to consider here.

The holder needs to be of the same size as your phone. Your handlebar size also matters. There are waterproof electric scooter accessories holders available as well. Some good quality phone holders that you can use are Segway Ninebot Phone Holder and Silicone Cellphone Holder. These holders will keep your phone protective and usable while you ride.

8. Mirrors - Cheap electric scooter accessories

hafny mirror

Most people who like to ride e-scooter don't even use mirrors. And maybe they are right because once you get experience in riding, looking directly back and making the way is far more comfortable. 

But if you are new to riding an e-scooter, it would be better for you to use mirrors as well. Using them will make riding a better experience for you. Placing these mirrors on your handlebar will allow you to extract the most benefit out of them. 

Hafny Handlebar Anti-Glare Mirror and Hafny Rearview Mirror are two of the best products that you will find on the market because they work well with different handlebar sizes due to their adjustability.

9. Safety Vest & Reflective clothing

electric scooter armour suit

By safety vest, we don't mean that you need to go for protective clothing. Here, the safety vest is designed to be reflective clothing. This type of vest ensures that other people can comfortably see you on the road. This vest has reflective patches on it, and you can wear it comfortably over the top of your clothes.

You need to keep in mind that these vests are not the most fashionable piece of clothing that you will find on the market, but they will surely make you pop out in the crowd if you know what we mean here! Eceen Flashing Vest and Rock Bros Reflective Vest are perfect choices for you to wear while riding your e-scooter.

10. Tire slime & Tire sealant - Electric scooter accessories for maintenance

tire slime sealant electric scooter accessories for maintenance

Tire slime can be a useful and very inexpensive sealant that you need to use on your tire. This sealant will prevent your tires from getting flat, and you can also use it to repair your flat tire. You can find these vests from the place where you buy electric scooter parts and accessories.

You can save on replacing your tube, and it is pretty easy to use as well. It is always good to have a sealant as a preventive measure if you have new tires. You never know when it might come in handy. 

Slime Tube Sealant is the right choice that you can use for pneumatic tires because these tires are more prone to flats. A tube sealant will protect these tires from flats and allow you to repair your tires and get back on your way quickly.

11. Alarm - Must Have electric scooter accessories

e scooter alarm accessory

These e-scooters are prone to theft because of their lightweight and compact design. These scooters are easy to lift and are always a good choice for prying eyes. But you can prevent this from happening and use an alarm that can alert you in a timely fashion. 

Keyless Bluetooth Alarm is an excellent choice to consider here, and so is the Wireless Anti Theft Alarm. Both these alarms are designed to alert you instantly and prevent any thieves from running away with your scooter. 

Both of these alarm clocks are with iOS and Android devices, and you don't have to deal with any combos or keys at all. You will be notified on your smartphone as soon as any movement is triggered. It's also one of the best electric kick scooter accessories.

12. Portable Electric Air Compressor

Portable Electric Air Compressor xiaomi electric scooter accessories

Another accessory that you need to have alongside you when riding your e-scooter is a portable electric air compressor, just like this one. It one of the best Xiaomi electric scooter accessories.

This device is designed to check the air pressure in your tire, and it essentially is an inflator pump. This device works well with bikes, motorbikes, and cars. You won't have to check the air pressures repeatedly by pressing the tires. 

It comes with a digital display and can detect tire pressure with precision. The cylinder is made of die-cast aluminum, and it can comfortably handle 150 PSI. 

It is compatible with several nozzles, and you can conveniently charge it with your power bank. And it is small enough to carry around within the storage compartment of your e-scooter easily.

13. Storage Bag - Good electric scooter accessories

No one can deny the importance of a handlebar storage bag on your e-scooter. It allows you to place a variety of things while you are on the move. You can carry your food items and other stuff with ease. 

You can even place some of the items from this list and carry out repairs on your scooter whenever needed. And then, of course, you need a bag to store your scooter as well. You need to protect your scooter from rain or other elements, and in such a case, you need to go for a carrying bag for your scooter.

Carrying Bag

Sunelf Carrying Bag is designed for you to conveniently store your e-scooter and protect it from rain and other external elements. This storage bag allows you to transport your scooter conveniently and is suitable for foldable models. 

It is made of 680D high-density double-layer material, and it also features 300D woven cloth, which makes it scratch entirely and water-resistant. This storage bag will work better with Xiaomi Segway foldable electric scooter, and there is an adjustable shoulder strap on this bad for you to wear for easy transportation. 

However, you need to keep in mind storing an off-road scooter in it that its handlebar needs to be exposed. The bag itself folds nicely and easily stored away.

handlebar bag segway ninebot electric kick scooter accessories

Handlebar Bag

And if you are looking for a storage bag that you can use to place various items to access them conveniently while you are riding, you need to go for Epessa Handlebar Carrying Bag

You can conveniently hang it on your handlebar, and it comes with plenty of storage space for you to place your stuff. It is compatible with a number of electric scooters. The handlebar bag is available in different sizes, and you can pick one according to your requirements.

It has enough space for you to place your belongings and other stuff like repair tools etc. the carbon pattern PU fabric is highly breathable, and its zipper is made of water-resistant materials. It is pretty convenient to attach and use and is one of the best electric scooter accessories to have. 

Final Word

There you have it. These were the 13 best electric scooter accessories that every electric scooter rider needs to have. All these accessories keep you safe on the road and provide you with utility and convenience. 

Whether you use your e-scooter for doing errands or commuting, these accessories and add-on will come in handy for you. With these, you will have a better experience with your electric scooter. 

No matter what skills or experience you have with your e-scooter, it is better to go prepared on the road and keep others safe from yourself while protecting yourself from others.

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