Best Dualtron Scooter to Buy in 2021

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Dualtron electric scooters are suitable for teens and adults and they feature innovative technology and advancements. It can be fun for everyone and sounds like the perfect gift to entertain the whole family long after the festive season.

We will be taking a look at five of the Best Dualtron Scooters, comparing the innovations that every model supports and has brought to the forefront for electric scooters. So let us take a look at these models and what they have on offer.

Comparison Chart

Dualtron Thunder

Dualtron 3

Dualtron Ultra 2

Dualtron Raptor

Dualtron Spider

Best Dualtron Scooter Reviews

1. Dualtron Thunder Scooter

Best Dualtron Scooter Thunder

The Dualtron Thunder was built on the legacy of the Ultra, which is known as the ‘legend of electric technology’. It is the latest development in their range of superior scooters. The Dualtron Thunder, as the name suggests, is fitted with two powerful motors that have a max output of 5400W. It can also ride exceptionally well even at night time or in dark conditions. It can keep going for as far as 80 miles, powered by the leading technology of Dualtron’s innovative lithium-ion batteries that can push out 2027Wh at 60V.

Review - Is the Thunder the Best Dualtron Scooter ?

The Dualtron Thunder’s closest competitor, when considering its high power, torque output, and powerful battery, would be the Thunder's brother model called the Ultra. These two models compare closely to the amount of drive supported by each model, but what puts the Thunder ahead is all the new technology that was added to its design. This includes extra-wide, tubeless, on-road tires that were made easily maintainable by simplifying the installation and removal process so that it can be easily serviced.

The suspension rubber cartridges are easy to replace, so you can adjust the suspension strength and feedback to your liking with its three-step suspension. The cartridges are graded for different levels of elasticity, so the user can easily choose the best cartridge for the kind of ride they will enjoy more. The Thunder also includes a new, brighter, integrated LED light system that adds a little mood to your night driving and will ensure that you are visible to traffic for your improved safety.

The new EYE throttle system designed into all of Dualtron’s third-generation scooters, including the Thunder, was designed to give better control while improving the elegance of its design. In addition to providing a long-lasting, powerful battery, Dualtron improved its design by coating the battery casing with a high finish 1.2T steel powder to protect the unit and its circuitry from sustaining damage from hard knocks. This helps to ensure that you can enjoy an uninterrupted ride. The new handles included in the design were improved for better folding, so you can store the scooter in compact areas where it is out of harm's way.

The Thunder can reach speeds of up to 40 MPH and supports a maximum load of 330 lbs. In addition to providing that extra safety with its built-in decorative lighting, the Thunder now also hosts an anti-lock brake system to support its high-speed function. The Thunder is an ideal present for any thrill-seeker looking to take to the streets day or night on a new and powerful electric scooter.


  • Extremely powerful motor that can drive for longer
  • Sleek new design with the extra benefit of added, moody lighting
  • Supports improved servicing access


  • A bit too powerful for younger 
  • Bad company service

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2. Dualtron X Scooter

dualtronx electric scooter minimotors usa

Dualtron X is designed for power and performance. The brand is known for its reliability and quality products, and this electric scooter displays all those characteristics.

Review of the Minimotors DTX - Most powerful Dualtron Scooter

The Dualtron X is a powerhouse of an electric scooter because it features a 6720W eXtreme dual motor. The BLDC hub motor can take care of a variety of terrains and inclined surfaces without influencing the battery life and mileage.

It can easily bear a weight of 265 lbs and can achieve a top speed of 55 miles per hour. It does have a speed limiting wire in adherence to the road regulations. Per charge, it can deliver up to 93 miles, and you will have to keep it charging for about 7.5 hours for a full battery (60V 49Ah battery pack with LG cells).

The Dualtron X comes with a hydraulic braking system featuring 160mm disks and meeting the ABS standards. The company has used aviation-grade aluminum alloy (6082-T6) in the construction of this electric scooter.

The frame is made of 6082-T6 aluminum alloy, while the shaft is made of SCM440 steel. These materials make the DTX scooter one of the best when it comes to resisting any road impacts.

Built to last, this electric scooter combines power with resilience. But that is not all!

The Minimotors DTX scooter features high-quality tires designed to roll on different terrains, and the platform is very comfortable for you to stand in a natural position. It doesn't have a full foldable design, so you can't use it for commuting unless you can park it somewhere.


  • Max load capacity of 265 lbs
  • Top speed of 55 miles an hour
  • Can go up to 93 miles
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires for all terrains
  • Powerful 6720W motor
  • Hydraulic braking system for quick stops
  • Can handle inclinations of up to 35-degree


  • No folding features
  • Heavy scooter (145 lbs)

3. Dualtron 3 Scooter

Dualtron 3 scooter

Built to be tough with its new, improved design, the Dualtron 3 is the latest addition to Dualtron’s standard models that are known for being impressive and innovative. It sports all the additional technology found in the Dualtron Thunder.

Review of the Minimotors DT3

New features available in the Dualtron 3 include all of the innovation that Dualtron is calling its third generation of electric scooter technology. The innovation begins with improving the serviceability of the wheels and suspension, as well as including decorative safety extras.

Built tougher than its earlier predecessors, the Dualtron 3 offers a better three-step adjustable suspension with changeable rubber cartridges that are graded in elasticity.

The suspension is made easily serviceable for the convenience of adjusting the ride comfort to your preference. 70mm tubeless on-road tires designed for better traction are fitted by a new design that allows easy replacement or repair of all associated parts. Also, the Dualtron 3 now supports an ABS disk brake system on both wheels for better control and safety.

A new LED illumination system integrates decorative lighting to enhance the visibility of the scooter at night or in dark locations. The attractive lights will no doubt be appealing to the aesthetic needs of teenagers. For better driving, Dualtron installed a new EYE-throttle system that consists of a modern and advanced interface. This feature is designed to give better throttle control while adding to the innovative design of their scooters.

Like with the Thunder, the battery casing was improved by coating the casing with 1.2T steel powder to withstand damage. As with every Dualtron, it is host to the safest lithium-ion battery. The Minimotors DT3 is propelled by a dual-motor system that can put out a max of 3600W powered by a 60V 1658Wh battery. It can go up to a distance of 65 miles and reach speeds of up to 40 MPH.

 Also, it comes with a new and improved foldable design for better storage and can support a maximum of 310lbs.


  • Innovative and attractive new design
  • Less effort to service


  • Reported for having a wobble defect in the steering

4. Dualtron Ultra 2 Scooter

Dualtron Ultra 2 Electric Scooter motor power

If you might be looking to take your scooter off-road to any daring, rough terrain, then the Dualtron Ultra 2 is the ideal machine for you. Sporting massive power output with an off-road touch in wheels and suspension, this is no doubt a remarkable off-road beast made by Dualtron.

Review of the Off Road Ultra 2 - Still the Best Dualtron Scooter ?

Offering the toughest technology yet, the Dualtron Ultra 2 is provided with forged aluminum front and rear swing arms that give it unmatched durability and safety in off-road environments. The suspension and swing arms were put through the ultimate tests to ensure that they can provide the right resistance against the strenuous stress of off-road conditions.

However, it is not just suitable for off-road. In addition to the tires provided, you can also slip it into sleeker on-road wheels. You can take its impressive power to the streets for a more comfortable ride. Its suspension is made to regulate both great and small impacts through its dual high-density, high-impact PU suspension system. It offers the best comfort and power for off-road junkies.

The Dualtron Ultra 2 is driven by two motors that can put out 6640W with dual controllers that are heatsinked for better endurance. The BLDC motors are powered by Dualtron’s safest lithium-ion 72V 2520Wh battery that can keep going for eighty miles at a top speed of 62 MPH. Like all third-generation scooters from Dualtron, it features their safety-oriented integration of decorative LED lights and ABS braking.

It is, unfortunately, one of the heavier scooters out there, but, since it is designed to be used off-road, that comes as no surprise. Despite its weight, it features an improved design that makes it fold for easier storage.


  • Excellent power
  • Superior suspension technology
  • Very durable
  • Ultimate off-road machine


  • Not an everyday scooter
  • Heavy

5. Dualtron Raptor 2 Scooter

Best Dualtron Scooter Raptor 2

If you are looking for the king of commuting scooters, look no further than the Dualtron Raptor 2. Made for everyday use with a long-lasting battery and fast motors, as well as its sleek and light design, it is the ultimate machine for everyday commuting.

Review of the Raptor 2 - Best Dualtron Scooter for Commuting ?

The Raptor 2 is equipped with dual motors that can support up to 3000W output to provide an impressive top speed of 35 MPH that is powered by a 60V 1092Wh battery. It can keep going for 37 miles in between charges to get you there and back in a quick and comfortable ride.

It makes use of a sturdy rubber-type dual full suspension system that provides a comfortable ride on most surfaces that an everyday rider would encounter.

It also applies dual electric brakes for easy and powerful braking on both wheels. A few added additions include an LED light system for nighttime visibility and rear-wheel mudguard for those rainy days. For steering, it uses motocross-style handles that are as sleek and attractive as they are ergonomic and durable.

A high strength two-touch folding mechanism was installed to improve the folding ability of the Dualtron Raptor 2 scooter for better handling and storage.

It also offers better retention of shock from uneven surfaces through the innovative design of a robust lock and steering stem. Also, the throttle controller is much smarter than before, with 10 settings for better control and improved driving information displays.

Ultimately, the Minimotors Raptor 2 is designed for enduring everyday use as a commuting scooter.


  • Light design with impressive power
  • Great shock retention
  • Electric brakes - powerful braking
  • Made for continuous or commuting use


  • Less innovative than other models
  • Less attractive design

6. Dualtron Spider Scooter

Dualtron Spider minimotors

As one of the most balanced and revered electric scooters on the streets, the Dualtron Spider stands out with its lightweight yet powerful design. It is one of the best commuters when it comes to scooters with a deep equilibrium in the ratios of its speed, distance, simplicity, and durability. The Spider is the most practical of Dualtron’s models, and it is certainly the favorite.

Review of the Lightweight Dualtron Spider

One of the Spider’s main features is its lightweight design. Dualtron made use of space-age materials to create a stronger but lighter scooter for the convenience of the commuter who can easily bring it onto a train or carry it upstairs. No doubt it can meet the expectations of excellence produced by Dualtron, but now it comes in a lighter, easier-to-handle package.

The BLDC dual motors that propel the scooter are as equally strong as its toughest competitors, boasting a max output of 3000W. It can reach speeds of up to 35 MPH or higher for a max distance of 45 miles. Fitted with the regulated, safe lithium-ion battery from Dualtron with a high, long-lasting capacity of 60V 1050Wh, it will effortlessly take you the distance. Like all third-generation scooters, it integrates ABS brakes with a three-step adjustment suspension.

Like other models, it also features the ease of access when servicing either the wheels or suspension, and it comes with changeable rubber cartridges. Its EYE throttle adds to its beautiful design while offering the same intuitive innovation as it does in other models. It also features the improved folding design as seen in the other third-generation of best Dualtron scooter.

That, in combination with its light weight, makes this model the most practical when carrying it around into buildings or other transportation. It also provides the same mood lighting of the other third-gen models, but some have found that the main lights need upgrading if you want to ride in the dark or at night.


  • Light and portable
  • Surprisingly efficient for its size
  • Good folding design
  • Sleek, futuristic, and attractive design


  • Poor lighting - not suitable for night travel

7. Dualtron Mini Scooter

dualtron mini electric scooter minimotors foldable

The Dualtron Mini is the younger version of the Dualtron X. But don't write off this electric scooter because of the term "Mini" in the name. It still packs quite a punch when you right it.

Review of the Dualtron Mini 2021

The hub brushless motor of this 1000W electric scooter can deploy 1450W at peak, and it is one of the lightest scooter model on the market with such a powerful motor.

It also features a 52V 17,5Ah battery that can easily last for up to 10 hours per charge. You can cover a total of 34 miles in a single charge, and these numbers put this Mini Dualtron electric scooter in the top-performing category.

This electric scooter also comes with a speed-limiting wire in adherence to the USA road regulations. But you can easily override it and reach 32 mph. With great speed, a vehicle needs a good quality braking system as well.

Furthermore, this scooter does come with an excellent braking system. There is a drum brake on the rear wheel that meets the ABS standards, and it significantly increases the stopping power of this electric scooter.

The 9-inch tires of this electric scooter are good to perform on varying terrains as well. These tires feature pneumatic tubes and provide good traction. The max load capacity of this electric scooter is 220 lbs.

The reason why it is so lightweight is that the company has used high-quality aluminum alloy in the construction of this scooter. It not only makes the scooter robust but very easy to place in your vehicle to use it on the go.


  • Foldable and slick design
  • Weight is only 48 pounds
  • 1450W powerful motor
  • 34 miles per charge
  • Lightweight construction with aviation-grade aluminum (6083-T6) alloy
  • Can take inclined surfaces at an angle of 20-degree


  • Drum brake and not hydraulic system
  • Only one motor for a Dualtron ?

8. Dualtron Compact Scooter

electric scooter dualtron compact lightweight foldable

The Dualtron Compact is smack right in the middle of Dualtron Thunder and Dualtron Mini. It has compact features that you need for your daily scooter commute and can also deliver long-lasting performance.

Review of the Compact - Best Dualtron Scooter with 8 inch tires ?

This model of electric scooter features a powerful 3400W dual motor coupled with a 60V 21Ah battery. The high-quality dual braking system is there too to provide you with quick stopping power.

As the name goes, you can fold it in a very compact design for easy storage on the go. Apart from that, you can easily use it as your daily commute and enjoy parking-free rides.

The BLDC motor of this Dualtron Compact electric scooter is packed with 3400W power. It can easily handle inclined surfaces and can also work on a range of different terrains. The 8-inch tires of this e-scooter are great for all terrains, and they can handle bumpy surfaces pretty well.

The charging time of this e-scooter is 12 hours, and there is a quick charge option also available. It can go for 50 miles per charge with ease. Apart from that, you can enjoy a top speed of 40 miles per hour with this Dualtron Compact. Of course, it comes with a speed-limiting wire as well in adherence to the micro-mobile regulations.

It can easily manage inclined surfaces with 25-degree elevation or drop. And this is where the drum brake system comes in to play its role. The dual braking system meets the ABS standards. The weight of the scooter itself is 70 lbs.


  • Made with aviation-grade aluminum alloy
  • Maximum load capacity of 265 lbs
  • Can manage inclination of 25 degrees
  • Top speed of 40 miles an hour
  • 50 miles per charge
  • Quick charging feature is available


  • Drum braking system
  • 12-hour charging time is very high

9. Dualtron Eagle Pro Scooter

Dualtron Eagle Pro Electric Scooter new 2020

If you want less weight (66 lbs) but more speed in your electric scooter, then the Eagle Pro is a great choice for you. This electric scooter features a high quality 3600W motors along with a 60V 22.4 Ah battery.

Review of the Dualtron Eagle Pro

One of the best features of this electric scooter that differentiates it from the Dualtron Compact is its better-powered motor and less weight.

This scooter features the dual hum BLDC motor that ensures strength and durability. With this motor and battery, the Dualtron Eagle Pro electric scooter comes with a quick charge facility. However, with a standard charger, it will take about 12 hours to charge fully.

The maximum mileage that this electric scooter has to offer is 50 miles per charge, and you can go long distances with it. Apart from that, the top speed that this scooter can reach is 40 miles per hour. But speed limiting wire is included following the speed regulations for such vehicles.

This scooter, like the Compact model, can handle 25-degree inclination with ease. It also features high-quality 8-inch tires that will allow you to zip through all terrains with ease.

For better speed control, this Dualtron Eagle Pro scooter features a regenerative disc braking system on both ends. The braking system meets the ABS standards, so they make sure that you get the much-needed stopping power when you are reaching the top speeds.

To keep it lightweight and durable, the company has used high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy like most of its other models. This metal not only makes the Dualtron Eagle Pro resistant to a range of different conditions but keeps it lightweight as well.


  • High power motors 3600W
  • Max weight capacity is 265 lbs
  • Can handle 25-degree inclinations
  • Maximum speed limit is 40 miles per hour
  • 50 miles per charge
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Rear and front Disc Brake with ABS Standard


  • Charging is very slow with a standard charger

10. Dualtron Storm

dualtron storm electric scooter minimotors

Check here to read the Dualtron Storm review (more to come in this article)

What is the Dualtron EYE LCD Display / Throttle ?

The LCD display has been completely redesigned by Minimotors. Indeed this EYE display, give you access to many submenus allowing to precise adjustments to be made to the Dualtron scooter.

Such as the acceleration power, the power of the electromagnetic brakes, the activation of cruise control ... It is probably the most advanced electric scooter display of any brand at the moment.

You can find on the image below all the EYE display/throttle settings available for your Minimotors.

minimotors dualtron display throttle ey3 eye settings

Dualtron Rubber Cartridge Suspension System

The geometry of the 2021 Dualtron suspensions has undergone a complete overhaul. We now have a fully adjustable 3-position variable suspension fitted with replaceable elastomer cartridges.

The users who are lighweight as well as those riding the Thunder in the coldest countries, will opt for the most flexible cartridges. All Dualtron electric scooters are delivered with MEDIUM elastomer cartridges.

The whole range of cartridges is available as an additional option here.

dualtron electric scooter suspension cartridge rubber

FINAL VERDICT on the Best Dualtron Scooter

Choosing which is the best present, or even just which is the Best Dualtron Scooter, will be left for you to decide. Of course, if you are searching for a commuting scooter to ride to the office and enjoy over the weekend, then the Spider is optimal. However, if you are strictly using it as a commuter, opt for the Raptor. If it is a present for a teenager (you can also pimp it with Carbon Revo accessories), then both the Spider and Raptor would do, or the Dualtron 3 would be a fine alternative, as well.

If you want that off-road toy, then the Ultra 2 is the obvious choice, but, if it is power on the streets or speed that you want, then ride the Thunder. Either way, if you are looking for the best scooters available, then Dualtron should be your choice.

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