Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter Review

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Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter





What We Like

  • Dual Motor
  • Nutt hydraulic brakes with 160mm discs 
  • Proprietary HEX display
  • Quadruple spring suspension

What We Don't Like

  • Can't fold the handlebar
  • Heavy (77 lbs)

Apollo is famous in the industry for making high-quality electric scooters. That is exactly why everyone was super excited when the company unveiled the Phantom. It's one of the highly anticipated electric scooters of this year. 

The looks are sleek, and the specs are not disappointing either. This review will look at what this brilliant machine offers and how it compares to other top-selling electric scooters on the market. 

So, let's begin this Apollo Phantom review with some important technical details about the Phantom.

Apollo Phantom Review

When it comes to performance and power, the Apollo Phantom functions just as well as any of the brand's great electric scooters. Apollo itself describes this scooter as "More than the Explore, less than the Pro". This little statement is comprehensive and apt. 

apollo phantom electric scooter

Apollo Phantom Technical Details

Motor / Power

Let's talk about the power in this Apollo Phantom review first. This scooter doesn't skip this important part, and it can conveniently reach a top speed of 38.5 miles an hour. 

It also features an insane acceleration to boost, making it significantly faster than Apollo Ghost, which has a top speed of 34 miles an hour. It stays right between the Apollo Pro 52V (37 miles an hour) and Apollo Pro 60V (42 miles an hour). 

The best part is, it can easily take up to 25 degrees inclinations, thanks to its powerful motor. It's an ideal scooter for those riders who are in search of a thrilling ride experience.

This much power comes from 1200W dual motors, and you can reach up to 2 x 1600W at peak. Therefore, you can expect some phenomenal results.

Battery / Range

And when we talk about the maximum range of almost 40 miles per charge, it means you can conveniently ride it on longer trips. You can easily use this ride to commute and run errands and have fun with your friends and explore different places. 

This Apollo Phantom electric scooter features an incredible 52V Dynavolt 23Ah Li-ion battery to keep riding on your longer trips. There is a 60V version coming in a couple of months' time, and you can imagine how much power it will pack. 

Its battery can stay strong on challenging rides and inclinations. The Apollo Phantom scooter also comes with a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs, so even heavyweight riders can work their way with it. With such a battery and motor, this scooter can easily take on light off-road conditions too. 

apollo phantom battery

Design and Structure

The next thing up in our Apollo Phantom review is its design and structure. In addition to its impressive power, Apollo can carefully consider small details in its construction. For example, it comes with a stem that is of multi-layered aluminum for reinforcement. Therefore, you won't have to worry about any wobbling experience during your ride. 

Apart from that, Apollo has added custom grips to the handles, and they can absorb any vibrations that go into them from the stem. Hence, your hands will feel a lot less fatigued even after riding long distances. Moreover, your ride will feature more stability and consistent acceleration throughout. 

And not to forget about the folding mechanism of this scooter. The design is solid and extremely comfortable to fold. There is a safety pin on the stem that prevents it from folding accidentally.

Additionally, there is a lever and a claw that will hold the stem into its place. Plus, the Apollo Phantom collar has a lever and makes your scooter more stable. 

apollo phantom foldable scooter

Front & Brake Lights

Now, let's discuss some of the safety features in this Apollo Phantom review. Apollo has added an upgraded light system to make it a safe ride for you.

The Apollo Phantom scooter comes with a headlight with 1000 lumens brightness, and it is present under the handlebar. This light can conveniently lighten up the road in the dark.

It has a high-mounted construction and is the first of its kind in the electric scooter industry. It's white and comes with overall high illumination. Moreover, there are turn signals on the rear end and a footrest light on the back.

Braking system

Apollo has amassed huge popularity thanks to its triple braking system. The Phantom also features this and comes with double disc brakes and an additional electronic brake to provide you with maximum stopping power. 

The Apollo Phantom brake discs are 160mm big and 20mm more significant than the industry's standard design. Therefore, your brakes can cool down 30% faster than standard disc brakes.

If you are looking for even more stopping power, you can upgrade the system with a Hydraulic Nutt brake for that stopping-on-a-dime kind of braking ability. 

apollo phantom wide deck


Let's talk about the suspension system in this Apollo Phantom review. This electric scooter comes with the Quadruple Suspension System, and you can completely forget about dual suspension if you think that was great. 

You won't have to worry about any rough or bumpy rides and deal with any wobbles or shakes during your ride. 

The proprietary QSS comes with four springs on the rear end and the front end for excellent shock absorption. This Apollo Phantom scooter comes with a fantastic clearance of 7.5 inches.

Tires & Wheels

The Phantom features hybrid pneumatic tires that are 10-inch x 3.25-inch in size. And judging by the looks, you will see this electric scooter means some serious business. 

The tires are well protected by those sleek metal fenders that are wheel-mounted. It means they can remain safe, irrespective of the road conditions. These fenders can keep the dirt and water away from the tires. 

Moreover, this electric scooter also comes with an IP54 waterproof rating which makes it safe to ride in wet conditions. These tires can hold up well against any bumpy surfaces, and you won't have to deal with much maintenance and care in the long run. 

apollo phantom headlight 1000 lumens

FAQ on Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter

Can I control the scooter with an app?

No, you cannot control this electric scooter with a mobile application.

Can you start the Phantom scooter without the key?

No, you cannot start the Phantom electric scooter without a key because it comes with key-lock ignition.

Is there a warranty with the Apollo Phantom scooter?

Yes, the Apollo Phantom comes with a 1-year warranty, and it covers any issues with the materials and their overall construction within the design.

Can I fold the handlebar?

No, you cannot fold the handlebar. Instead, you can fold its stem conveniently. 

Apollo Phantom Specs

  • Top speed: 38 mph
  • Max Range: 40 miles
  • Charging time: 12 hours (6 hours with fast charger or 2 regular chargers)
  • Charging cycles : 500
  • Max load : 300 pounds
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Tire Type: wide hybrid pneumatic (air-filled) tires
  • Wheel size: 10 x 3.25 inch
  • Brakes: 160mm disc brake (front & rear) with ABS (rear). Can upgrade with Nutt hydraulic brakes
  • Motor: 3200W DC Brushless (Dual Motor 2 x 1200 watts)
  • Battery: Li-Ion 52V 23.4Ah 1216 Wh
  • Power consumption: 2.2kWh per 100km
  • Size unfolded: 51 x 27 x 49 inches
  • Size folded: x x inches
  • Climbing up to 25%
  • Lights : 1000 lumen Headlight. Dual LED lights in deck (front & rear)
  • Brake Lights : yes
  • Suspensions : 2 front suspensions and 2 rear suspensions
  • Key-lock ignition : yes

Comparison with Another Electric Scooter – Apollo Phantom vs Kaabo Mantis

kaabo mantis electric scooter specs

The Kaabo Mantis is another of the top-performing electric scooters for riders who want it all in their electric scooters. The Mantis is a lighter electric scooter and weighs around 65 pounds compared to the 77 pounds Phantom. Therefore, you can conveniently fold and carry it with you. 

Its lightweight design can conveniently achieve 50 miles per charge than Phantom's 40 miles per charge. So, you can use it for even longer distances. 

Moreover, the Mantis can handle up to 30% inclinations compared to Apollo Phantom's 25%. So, it can hold up well against a slightly more challenging off-road terrain. 

You can conveniently ride with the top speed of 30 miles an hour on one motor with your Mantis. But if you want to get more power, you can turn on the second motor and reach up to 40 miles an hour. So, the Mantis takes the leak in every department.

But the Phantom is ahead when it comes to the suspension as it features a quad suspension system compared to Mantis' dual suspension system. So, riding comfort is going to be better on the Apollo Phantom. 

Moreover, the Apollo Phantom scooter has a better stopping power with this triple braking system, while the Mantis only features semi-hydraulic brakes in it. 

Therefore, if you are looking for more power and acceleration, go for the Kaabo Mantis. However, the Phantom should be your choice to look for better riding comfort and stopping power.

Final Word

In this Apollo Phantom review, we have seen that this electric scooter has everything you need for your ride to be thrilling. It features a powerful motor and has a strong battery that doesn't take long to charge fully. 

The riding comfort is at its best, thanks to the quad suspension system and triple braking mechanism. The scooter also comes with large wheels and provides you with a clearance of 7.5 inches which means you can take on light off-road conditions very well. 

And above all, it has a foldable design with a locking pin to keep the stem secure. It's a top-quality electric scooter that comes with a decent price tag too.

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