Best Apollo Electric Scooters – Buying Guide and Reviews

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Apollo scooter is one of the best-selling electric scooters you will find on the market. An Apollo electric scooter is second to none in terms of quality and durability.

Today’s electric scooter market has grown significantly and numerous brands have their products on offer. Choosing the best scooter has never been such a complicated decision. Whether to go for the premium quality add-ons or just stick to the basics. Companies are introducing more innovative features like hand-warming handlebars, easy app connectivity, and additional security features.

Let’s see some of the best products by Apollo scooter and how they compare with each other.

Comparison Chart

apollo light scooter

Apollo Light

apollo explore scooter

Apollo Explore

apollo ghost

Apollo Ghost

Apollo pro

Apollo Pro

apollo ultra

Apollo Ultra

Best Apollo Electric Scooter Reviews

Apollo is a top-quality brand on the market and continues to add more innovative features to its products. That is exactly why the Apollo scooter is for everyone.

Here’s a list of the top 6 best Apollo electric scooters. We will consider various aspects in our ranking including maintenance and repairs, design, durability, power, and much more.

1. Apollo Light Electric Scooter

apollo light electric scooter

As the name goes, this Apollo Light scooter emphasizes being a lightweight machine. It is not something that will blow your mind with its power and performance. Therefore, it only features a single motor and reaches up to 22 miles per hour.

But that is not all…

This electric scooter can last up to 22 miles per charge. It comes with a max load capacity of 220 lbs and weighs around 37 lbs. Hence, you can comfortably lift it for convenient transportation.

Apollo Light features a dual suspension spring system to ensure your ride remains comfortable in every condition. It also comes with a foldable stem and a handlebar so you can conveniently fold it for easy storage.

The Apollo Light scooter also comes with quality LED lights both on the front and rear ends and you can conveniently ride it in the dark or at night. 

It also comes with a braking system that works hassle-free. On the front, there is an electric brake while on the rear end there is a drum brake. You won’t have to deal with any brake pad replacements at all.


  • Dual suspension allows you to cruise comfortably.
  • Easy to access command center.
  • The rear drum brake ensures less brake replacement and repairs.
  • Easily foldable and transportable.


  • Not a high-powered scooter with high mileage.

2. Apollo City Electric Scooter

apollo city electric scooter review

This Apollo City scooter comes with a single motor but its top speed goes up to 25 miles per hour which means it is significantly faster than Apollo Light. Additionally, this scooter also provides you with a much better mileage of 28 miles per charge.

And that’s not all…

This scooter comes with a max load capacity of up to 265 pounds. So even the heavyweights can enjoy riding on it.

But there is a catch…

Apollo City scooter is slightly heavier than the Apollo Light and weighs around 39 lbs.

This model also features a dual suspension spring system and comes with a foldable stem and handlebar. So, transportation will be very convenient for you.

Apollo City also comes with rear and front LEDs so others can notice you on the go. It is designed to provide you excellent mileage. So, you spend more time riding and less time charging.

Another serious upgrade in this model is the braking system. The rear end features a drum brake and there is a disc brake on the front. And there is an automatic regenerative brake as well that will slow the scooter down once you press the lever.


  • Command center makes control access very simple.
  • There is a spring suspension on the front and a dual spring system on the rear end.
  • The scooter features a triple braking system.
  • It provides you with significantly better mileage as compared to Apollo Light.


  • Slightly heavier than the Apollo Light.

3. Apollo Explore Scooter

apollo explore electric scooter

If you are looking for a perfect balance between price and features, this Apollo Explore scooter is the right way to go. It also comes with a single motor and reaches a top speed of up to 31 miles per hour. Apart from that, it can also manage to deliver 34 miles per charge.

You will notice that with each model Apollo is adding to the overall mileage and top speed. And it allows you to go for the right options according to your riding requirements.

This Apollo Explore electric scooter comes with a maximum load capacity of 265 pounds and is an ideal choice for adults with larger frames. Its weight is around 52 pounds and you will find it difficult to carry around.

Therefore, it is better suited for transportation but not for carrying around with you. Transportation is made simpler with the help of foldable stem and handlebars.

Apollo Explore also features a dual suspension spring system to make sure your rides remain comfortable throughout.

The 1000W motor allows it to easily handle 20-degree inclination as well. And it will only take 4 to 5 hours of charging.


  • It is equipped with a 1000W motor that can handle inclination pretty well.
  • Doesn't take much time to charge.
  • Comes equipped with very powerful brakes.
  • Suspension system designed to handle on and off-road rides.


  • Pretty heavy to lift.

4. Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

apollo ghost electric scooter

Apollo Ghost is a monster of a ride and it comes equipped with a dual motor. It can reach a top speed of 34 miles per hour and its battery can last up to 39 miles per charge. Therefore, it is a true powerhouse that comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 300 lbs.

With such specs, of course, it is not going to fall in the lightweight category of electric scooters as it weighs around 64 lbs. This Apollo Ghost scooter also comes with an adjustable dual-suspension spring system and its design features a folding stem and handlebars.

Apollo Ghost features very impressive deck lights available along with the rear and front LEDs. So, even if you are riding at night, you won’t have to worry about your road safety as others will be able to see you comfortably.

The Apollo Ghost dual motors (2 x 800 nominal) allow this 2000W electric scooter (maximum instantaneous output in peak) it to cruise comfortably on any ground. It can conveniently handle inclinations of up to 25-degree. If you are looking for true power, you need to go for this Apollo scooter.


  • Top speed of 34 miles an hour.
  • Mileage of up to 39 miles per charge.
  • Can handle up to 25-degree inclination.
  • Max load capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Plenty of deck lights for convenient visibility.


  • This scooter is expensive.

5. Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

apollo_pro electric scooter off road

This Apollo scooter is something you shouldn’t take very lightly. It comes with a top speed of 44 miles per hour thanks to its dual motor that can manage 56 miles per charge. This behemoth of an e-scooter can easily carry 33 lbs and its weight is around 77 pounds.

Apollo’s signature dual suspensions spring system will make your ride as comfortable as possible. The same quick folding stem and handlebar construction makes an appearance in this scooter.

Apollo Pro scooter can reach its top speed in just 4 seconds making you the king of the road. And to provide you with maximum stopping power at this much speed, you get hydraulic brakes in this scooter.

Apollo Pro can handle any kinds of ground and will continue to provide you with a comfortable riding experience.

The Apollo Pro electric scooter comes with rear and front lighting to make sure you can conveniently ride in the dark as well. The controls are very easy to use as the Apollo is good at making the control center very accessible.


  • The scooter comes with a top speed of 44 miles per hour.
  • Its max load capacity is 330 lbs.
  • Easily last for up to 56 miles per charge.
  • The scooter doesn’t take much time to charge.
  • Dual suspension ensures a comfortable riding experience.


  • Not designed for kids or novices.

6. Apollo Ultra Electric Scooter

apollo ultra electric scooter fast

This premium quality Apollo Ultra scooter comes with a top speed of 60 miles per hour and with a max range of 60 miles per charge on a dual motor and 90 miles per charge on a single motor. This monster is designed for you to spend more time on the road.

It can easily take on an inclination of up to 45 degrees. And it comes with hydraulic oil brakes to provide you with maximum stopping power. Of course, the off road electric scooter also features larger 11-inch tires to make the ride smoother.

This means the Apollo Ultra can comfortably hold up to 440 lbs as its weight is around 127 lbs. So, when it comes to easy transportation, this might not be the best option for you because you will certainly need plenty of assistance in carrying it.

If you are looking for a premium quality Apollo electric scooter, you don’t need to look any further. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you must look for other models by Apollo.


  • The maximum load capacity of 440 lbs
  • Top speed of up to 44 miles per hour.
  • Dual motor mileage of 60 miles per charger and single motor mileage of 90 miles per charge.
  • Larger 11-inch tires that can take on any surface comfortably.
  • Double-rod stem for maximum durability


  • Not suitable for kids.
  • Pretty expensive.
  • Not a budget-friendly option.

Apollo Electric Scooter Buying Guide

As you can see Apollo has a full range of electric scooters on offer, and not all models are made for everyone. To make the right decision and extract maximum benefit out of your investment, you need to focus on your needs and requirements.

Then have a look at a model that will meet those needs. To assist you in this regard we have developed this brief guide so you won’t have to go through a lot to decide which Apollo scooter is best for you.

apollo light display smart

Structure and Design

You have to make sure you are going for the right design and structure that will meet your needs. For instance, you are looking for something you can use to commute through the city; you will need a lightweight design.

Foldable features will be useful if you want to carry your scooter into your office or even on the bus with you. If you are looking to use it as a loader, you will need more load capacity. And Apollo caters to all these features with different models.

apollo scooter batteries

Motors & Batteries

If you are looking for more power and mileage, you will have to go for stronger motors and batteries. Apollo provides you with the option of choosing different motors and batteries with different models. You can either go for a single or dual motor.

Dual motor models are more powerful in terms of top speeds and mileage as compared to a single motor. And to handle these powerful motors, they also come with bigger batteries. So for more power and mileage, you need to go for motors over 800W as they come with bigger batteries and provide you with more mileage.

apollo ghost motor brushless

Brakes & Suspensions

With more power, you will have to opt for a stronger braking system. Therefore, you will have to make sure the model you are looking for especially in terms of speed and insurance, must come with enough braking power as well. It is a must-have feature for all the scooters but with more powerful scooters it becomes even more important.

When it comes to suspension systems there is not much to worry about because you don’t have many options to explore. All Apollo models come with dual suspension spring systems and it does a great job on different terrains.

Comparison Apollo vs Zero Electric Scooters

Zero Electric Scooters are one of the top competitors of Apollo Electric Scooters. And they are very close to each other. They are similar in terms of design and product features as they are manufactured in the same factory located in China.

But Apollo is miles ahead of Zero when it comes to versatility. Zero doesn't come with many models that cater to different types of users. It has different models to serve this purpose. Particularly when we talk about lightweight features, Apollo has more models on offer as compared to Zero. Zero is more focused on powerful motors and batteries.

Apollo is more focused on versatility providing the masses with lightweight and powerful electric scooters. So, it has more options to explore as compared to Zero. However, when you compare them both in terms of comfort and features there is not much difference.

Another huge advantage of Apollo scooter is that it comes with a 2-year warranty. A one-year warranty is for any manufacturing or workmanship defects and a one-year warranty for repairs at cost.

FAQ on Apollo Electric Scooter

Do Apollo scooters come with a warranty?

Yes, all Apollo scooters, excluding Apollo Ghost, come with a 2-year warranty. It includes a 1-year warranty for repairs and maintenance at cost and a 1-year warranty for any defects in manufacturing and workmanship. Apollo Ghost only comes with a 1-year warranty that doesn’t cover any repair or maintenance at cost excluding any mark-up.

Where can I find Apollo scooter parts?

You can conveniently shop for Apollo Scooter parts at the Apollo website as well as a few other online retailers of electric scooter parts. But for the best results, you should visit Apollo’s online store and find the components you are looking for as per the model at your hand.

Can I install a seat on an Apollo scooter?

Yes, you can conveniently install a seat on an Apollo scooter model of your choice. They are all compatible with these add-on seats as well as other accessories. These seats are very comfortable and simple to use. You can find one of such seats for your Apollo scooter at the Apollo website.

Can I make upgrades on an Apollo scooter?

Yes, you can make upgrades on an Apollo scooter. These upgrades include throttle upgrades, thumb throttle sets, fast chargers, tire sealant, hydraulic caliper, mudguards, handle upgrades, and folding handlebar upgrades.

These upgrades are available for Apollo Light, Apollo City, Apollo Explore, and Apollo Pro models. Apollo Ghost and Apollo Ultra are the two models that are excluded from this list and they don’t come with any upgrades.

Final Word

There is an Apollo Scooter for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience riding different surfaces, Apollo has got you covered. The versatility this brand has is unmatchable and that is why it is one of the top brands in the electric scooter market.

Apollo tries to keep things simple and focus on creating designs that integrate form and function. It allows that focus on different features while keeping various models differ from one another. When it comes to variety there are not many brands that can match Apollo.

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